General Vault Hunter Feedback + Suggestions


I feel this character is the most well-balanced. However, with so many actions skills + augment combos, I feel there should be a feature to cycle between two action skill combination presets without opening the skill tree menu. Example:
-Action skill preset 1 is The Eternal Fist, augmented with Stillness of Mind and Blight Tiger
-Action skill preset 2 is Phasecast, augmented with Soul Sap and Soulfire

Still, only 1 action skill can be used at a time, and using 1 puts both on cooldown. This will help Amara be more flexible during mobbing and during cooperative play, and also make leveraging what makes her action skills unique more interactive than it currently is.

Mostly, Iron Bear itself needs to scale better for Mayhem 2 and 3 mode, with better armor and damage, and access to a skill that allows it to regen armor either passively or through life steal, possibly both depending on equipment or augments. Additionally, the capstone “Tenacious Defense” in the Shield of Retribution tree does not really work in practice; the attacks that do manage to break through the shield are going to healthgate check Moze anyway, which she will usually fail, or the shield will never break to begin with, so it is ultimately not a useful capstone. I don’t have suggestions for how to change it that don’t involve completely reworking the skill. Maybe someone else on the forums could offer a replacement/rework that keeps the capstone relevant.

Additionally, Iron Bear with the Auto Bear skill should be able to be deployed without actually stepping inside of Iron Bear, for those that prefer to stay on foot but still want to leverage Annointed bonuses, by holding down the action skill button instead of just pressing it. Deploying Auto Bear this way should still count as entering and exiting iron bear, clearing status effects, starting shield recharge, etc, but will ultiately be smoother and faster for players using Auto Bear.

Finally, Iron Bear should also have access to what I suggested for Amara, and be able to deploy with 2 different weapon + augment loadouts that you cycle between, without opening the menu to change it, to allow Iron Bear to be used for different types of engagements on the fly, especially during COOP play, proving grounds, etc, to better leverage the flexibility of Iron Bear’s weapon variety.

Fl4K’s biggest issue right now is that their fade away crit build is easily S tier, but every other build is underperforming, D-C tier, B tier at absolute best in slot gear; they do not even come close to the power level of the “meta” build for either mobbing or bossing which makes their variety lackluster. I feel the focus should be on buffing their other methods of play and their pets’ scaling into end game, before trying to fine tune Fade Away.

First of all, a quality of life imporvement for solo players and general buff to the Barrier. Zane’s Barrier should be able to be deployed directly into the “picked up” state by holding down the associated Action Skill it is assigned to. I.e. Pressing the Action Skill button throws it down on the ground as normal, but holding it will make Zane simply put it over/in front of himself and carry it around. Additionally, both Zane and his Allies should be able to benefit from the augments Charged Relay, Nanites or Some ■■■■■, and Retaliation even if the shield is picked up. Right now, Deterrence Field is the no-brainier pick, because it can be used as a sort of “ramming shield,” because it is still active even while picked up.

For the Under Cover capstone, “Distributed Denial…” does it actually do anything…? I’ve tested extensively with all sorts of shield types and mods, and it either seems bugged, or the effect is pathetic, or it does literally nothing. This skill does not even make much sense. I suggest instead, it this capstone should allow Zane to ignore Cryo Immunity, allowing him to freeze Annointed, and bypass damage resistances on bosses (but not outright freeze them, though he should still get Calm, Cool, Collected benefits from using Cryo on bosses).

For his Digi-Clone, it should simply get better HP scaling, it is not very tough in Mayhem mode.

For the drone, its damage scaling should be buffed slightly. The “Almighty Ordanince” augment should either be massively buffed or reworked entirely; the damage radius is small, the projectiles are slow and unreliable, the damage does not really compare to simply using Boomsday instead over time, and the action skill duration reset is redundant with class mods, Calm, Cool, Collected, and actively detrimental to the infinite kill skill uptime build.


Sort of irrelevant changes to Amara in the hotfix, but eh.

Fl4k’s nerf to guerillas in the mist without addressing any of their other underperforming skills/augments/builds… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but that’s still pretty sucky.

Damage buffs to drone! Yay! though with the digi-clone, the problem wasn’t really the damage, but rather the lack of HP for mayhem, and not firing certain gun types properly if you use Double Barrel

I agree digi clone buff wont be very useful for later mayhem modes. They will continue to balance the characters though. They probably don’t want to buff anything too significant right now until they give the players some time to explore.

yeah with fl4k, they need to buff his other trees, not just hard nerf him.

I play Amara and yes it would be super nice to be able to swap action skills/elements/augments faster. IDK about preset loadouts though, because there are times I want the same loadout just with a different element or something. But they do need to at least allow your to quick swap stuff by going to her skill menu and manage loadout (Y on Xbox). Having to search through the trees to equip this stuff is tedious, just let us cycle the available ones in that part of the menu.

The idea behind preset loadouts is that YOU would set them. You could make it only change element if you want between the two presets you set up to swap between.

Right but what I’m saying is there’s not a one-size-fits-all loadout, even with 2 or 3 options. It’s highly variable depending on the situation. It might be that all of a sudden an armored enemy appeared where I needed to ONLY change my element to corrosive. But then in the next section I get flying enemies, which I don’t need an element for but I will need Phasecast.

Just saying that a better solution would be to just let us hot swap this stuff from the skill tree action skill menu (the one on the side) rather than having to go through the entire trees to pick the ones you want.