Generally speaking do you agree that TPS VHs are much stronger than BL2 VHs?

The only thing that matters is getting Athena into 2 and Krieg and Ninja into TPS. Make it happen!


Your dedication to attempting to save roughly 500 byte of disk storage on this forum is laudable.


See beginning of my post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Careful now… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If, in the case of Gaige, two tier-1 skills and a solid shotgun are too specific, then I really don’t see the point here. Or should we compare (for example) Gaige without Anarchy and Close Enough to Jack without Integrity and Leadership?

Maybe rephrase the question or clarify it without moving the goalposts.

And no, I do not agree that the TPS vault hunters are stronger generally or specifically.


Oops, that wasn’t clear enough. I meant:

“Dastardly and Muricanly lawyerish doublespeak”

I’m sorry to have painted with a brush too broad there. I know barristers aren’t the same world round, but here the ratio of “honorable” to “aiming for a political career and therefore easily corruptible” is shamefully low.

Don’t get me wrong, if you were given to hypotheticals here I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. I just think that due to skill trees having unique debuff related entries it’s a futile exercise. For it to be fair you’d have to be willing to swap slag for cryo, and even then I’m not sure it makes much sense. I mean, for Aurelia to use slag seems pretty far out of character.

Now, this is something I’d like to see. A new edition with the toons swapped would be pretty rad IMO.

100% agree. There are too many factors outside the toons themselves, and in order to properly examine the question I feel like you’d have to remove everything that makes the games and characters unique.


So to do this fairly and properly we need to factor out : shields, guns, grenades, COMs, artifacts/OZ kits, skills, skill trees (one can have three capstones in one game but not the other) and scaling.

Phew! Now we’ve got a level playing field : AS’s. Krieg wins. You’re welcome.


That seems as level as would ever be possible.

This seems like the only logical answer, given as he’s essentially gear agnostic and cares little, if at all, about anything else. An all purpose meat grinder, and we all love him so.:heart:


Fragtrap, barely paying attention> anything that can die. I never quite felt that way in Bl2 with any character.

He is very powerful at taking out bosses once he gets his Pirate ship exe, which is very early tbh.

So yeh a good example tbh

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The bonuses that skill gets are even better than the cannons. With the right set up he is pretty much unkillable. Like, face tanking Eos without bothering to look for cover unkillable. I just wish he had a shotgun mod instead of pistols. That truly would be ridiculous

Without skill trees his AS is very underwhelming. You gotta give best AS(without other skills) to either axton, gaige, Athena, or jack.

With skills, but no gear krieg wins hands down


Tried the Sapper yet?

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I don’t use much else. Blue ones with the 6 points on OLT. Or various dualitys

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