Generator shield modifier: how does it work?

I was testing out some different nades. Trying to find some that heal me or at least my shields. I normally like homing because missing sucks when you have limited nades to throw and if you are using the nades for healing that’s no good. I’m toying with longbow as an alternative and this has 2 “generator” modifiers that allegedly heals shields.

However, when I throw the nade and see it split and then hit a target…my shield does nothing. It seems to not heal my shield at all. I’m just wondering if anyone knows how this is supposed to work because I assume I’m missing some hidden mechanic because reading the card of this nade it seems fairly straight forward…

I am just guessing here, but according to the text your shield gets healed for 60% of the “shield damage dealt” meaning it is pulling only from the damage to the enemies shield, not damage to them.
With this in mind, using it on unshielded enemies will give nothing.
The question is how much actual damage to the enemy shield does it do?
A good test would be to find a highly shielded enemy and see if you can see the difference.

Something to consider…

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Ahhh good point. I wasn’t really paying attention to what type of enemies and there is a good chance they were not shielded. Well, that won’t work well in any event so I guess this modifier isn’t going to work for my purposes. Thanks for the info.

Generator only takes from shield to heal shield.

Have you tried the Tran-Fusion grenade yet? It can come with the double generator as well. Armor would be its only weakness.
You can find an Atlas version that homes i have read. I have yet to find one myself though.

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Yeah I been using the Tran-fusion and it’s great. It’s only level 50 however so I was experimenting with other level 57 options until I can find a new max level Tran-fusion.