Generic Battleborn review from a random player


Because I was told I need one…
There. happy? I made an intro.

In all seriousness this is a honest Battleborn review covering my Battleborn experience focusing on the PVP aspect and what can be improved.

1: Matchmaking

AKA Story time

After completing the campaign I decided to join a multiplayer match.
Knowing nothing of multiplayer I first played a few private matches to explore the maps and learn the game types.
Upon completing a few matches of each type I was confident enough that I wouldn’t drag my team down I queued up for an incursion match.

My first match of PVP I was the highest CR in my team at 30-40 with most below CR20.
We of course matched with a 5player premade of CR100’s. (I bet you can guess where this is going)

Not only was my first PVP match a crushing defeat they postponed killing the 2nd sentry and proceeded basecamp for kills until the timer was low.
At this point we had two people leave the match on our side further destroying any chance we had left.

This horrible first experience was caused by a few matchmaking issues that all contributed to this outcome.

  1. New players were put against a full team of vets. A full team of people trying their best should never be put against new players.
  2. We didn’t know about surrendering due to no mention at all in the tutorial video or any tooltips that I saw.
  3. Matchmaking allows player premades in the general queue and can match them against pugs. (Complex issue)
  4. Matchmaking selects 5 players from the pool that are (hopefully) close to each-other in CR/MMR and then it matches them against another 5 usually causing a large skill gap between teams.

Suggested fix:
Instead of using CR to separate new players A better option would be to start new players at a lower MMR and limit their first 5 matches to a smaller MMR bracket.(With an opt-out if they want to get to their first loss faster)

If I remember correctly MMR was 1200 to 1700 and new players start at 1500 with a 200 range for matchmaking.
This means a completely new player is still in the range for a max MMR player.

Now name another AAA game that uses MMR and allows a fresh player to pair against a completely maxed MMR player.
(No you can’t use that one, that game isn’t even in the same genre.)

Rework the tutorial into one match of each game type with a few scripted AI’s showing you what to do and “how not to be like that guy over there repeatedly rushing the sentry with rath at level 1” also showing you things such as capturing thralls or that you have to defend BOTH lanes in meltdown and not just contest one.

This is a bit of a complex issue as battleborn doesn’t have the player base to support premades only versing premades.
In a perfect world premades would only ever fight premades. This. Isn’t. A. Perfect. World.
Putting them in a premade queue would lead to very long queue times in non-peak hours.

The issues with balancing premade when versing randoms are fairly simple to point out but are actually fairly hard to fix.

1: Almost all premades use mic’s. most of the randoms I’ve played with never talk.
2: Team comp can be decided before the match rather than who can grab the character they want to play first only to realize they have no support.
3: (and by far the most game changing) Premades can kick people who; are jerks, DC, feed the enemy ect.
The single biggest strength of premades is the ability to pick your teamates.

Select 10 players then separate into two teams.

Other notes about premades and balance:

premades almost always get to choose the map they want to play on.
If all ten players vote the premade has at worst a 50% chance to play on the map they want. In practice it’s really about 90% though due to pugs having at least one player not voting or voting for the same map as the premade.
This starts premades at an slight advantage before the fight even begins.

This game has a much higher focus on teams than most games.
It is very hard for one player to carry an entire team when versing competent opponents.
I will however admit that there are times it is easier to carry when down a player than have your current team. (looking at you 1/30 rath)

Most of the bad reputation of premades comes from a small small amount of jerks who like to pubstomp to make themselves feel better and quite a few teams trying to get worthy of song and old man cranky

Worthy of song can be obtained by one super feeder or just a really good game for one player.
Old man cranky however is probably responsible for most of the capture tryhard-spawncamping-rolfstomping-omgso$%$^inggood pro teams you’ll sometimes see in capture.

Now taking this all into account there are very few ways to balance premades.

1: solo queue(or max of 2). This will extend premades wait time the least while completely removing them from the PUG queue.
Somewhat unfair to premades and will split the player base more.

2: Premades can only verse other premades of the same size (or 5 v 2/3 ect.)
This will greatly increase queue times for premades of all sizes and will probably be the end of premades larger than 2-3.

3: handicap. Each player in a party on the other team increases your damage and health by 2% for a max of 10%
This may or may not work to balance and would probably lead to either no change or complete destruction of premades.

4: Tighten MMR and increase MMR for each player on your team in a party.
Quite fair in my opinion however it will lead to terrible queue times for everyone.
The end result should be the individual players fighting the premade are slightly better than the ones in the premade however the advantages of being in a premade should help balance it out and lead to a good match.

##Characters and their balancing acts

Increase projectile max range by 10%

Limit max range of the red beam of kill stealing to 2x it’s initial lock-on length.
As of right now it can track a little too far once you lock on.

I haven’t played him enough for accurate info.
Most comments are asking for a few of his helix positions to be switched.

Reduce rocket damage by 15%
If it is still too much further reduce in 5% increments until balance is achieved.
Fix the two exploits on incursion regarding benedict.

Early game too weak, Late game too strong.
Recommend a limit on the amount of time his ult can be up (2m?) and either greatly increase the cooldown OR prevent it from cooling down until it is consumed and no longer active.

Buff health by 10%.

Increase Ult. damage by 20% for every extra player caught in it.
1 player is same as now, 2 is 120% 3 is 140% ect.
Remove XP earned from sending your holoclone off the side of the map.
Increase sprint speed by 5%.

El Dragon
Reduce the attack speed of his secondary attack by 10-20% if he chooses the range helix.

If she had blind and reveal she would have access to every single CC in the game…
Wound,Slow,Speed,Stun,Heal,Weaken,DoT,Pull and even has a shield to block damage.
While you can’t have all at once that is still the most CC of any Battleborn.

I’m not sure what can be done without either making her worthless damage or taking away some of the CC.

Only really good for pulling people to their stunning death.

Possibility reduce trap duration by 1s.
Since slugs were removed alt-fire is now almost worthless.
I’d recommend that alt fire drastically tightens the spread or is reworked to fire two shells are 50% of normal attackspeed.
Also change the double shell helix to fire 3-4 at once for more burst damage at the cost of sustained damage.

Increase ward strength.

Drastically increase the health gained by chomp but add diminishing returns.
Reduce the cooldown for icewall.
Extend sublimate stun by 1s.

Reduce shock taser range by 20% and the 2nd taser arc range by 50%.
Reduce the amount of damage caused by adding your shield to the bouncing balls of doom by 10-20%.

Drastically reduce the range of eyes everywhere helix or require line of sight.
Increase owl base damage by 15%.
Increase upsidedown clock-bowl slow by 20% so it’s more of a trap.

Increase damage done by alt attack by 15% since no-one uses it after the health nerf.

Reduce lock-on cone for healing so you have to somewhat aim.
Allow miko to use primary fire while healing but reduce attack speed by 50% while healing since he only has one hand (keep in mind you’d have to aim to heal now)
Remove the ability to heal minions with alt fire.

Change altfire to slightly zoom, increase accuracy by 50% but fire 30% slower.
As of now it’s made worthless by a helix choice and barely noticed even without.

Increase Ult duration but also decrease the damage negation.

Decrease Ult. damage by 20%

Oscar Mike g.
Reduce flame grenade damage by 5%

Increase movement speed while decloaked by 5%.
Increase alt attack speed by 30%.
Break cloak when revealed by any source. (ambra helix 1 marks outline but does not break cloak some of the time)

Reduce slow duration to 4 seconds OR reduce slow amount by 30%.
Give blade rush a slow helix choice.
Reduce range of primary attack to match the sword animation.

Reduce Ult movement speed by 40% Keep current damage but make it more situational. (level 10 helix gives you the speed back)
Add knockback cone on top of rath when he is Ulting so you can’t trap people on top of it.

Decrease cooldown fo 45s.

Remove minion targeting for overshields.

Shayne and Aurox
Increase Altfire damage by 10%

Decrease Wrath of the Wild DoT by 10%
Decrease Ult damage by 20%
Increase arrow velocity by 20%

Decrease primary damage by 10%
Double Force Field health
Increase health by 10%
Remove the stun from the 2nd mine if using legendary.
Completely remove rumble after 2s when holding a railgun charge.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Increase primary damage by 10%
Allow players to hold down the fire button to fire.

Reduce player damage to sentry shield by 50%.
Increase double thrall heath by 20%.
Increase single thrall health by 30%.
Reduce single thrall knockup range by 50%.
Buff BigBaby’s(FatBot) health by 10% and increase cost to 800.
Give sentry the ability to mark players damaging it.
Give lv3 Accelerators and lv3 Heal stations the ability to decloak in a 20 meter radius.

Remove the snowball mechanic responsible for destroying all buildables near the first sentry when it dies.
Hopefully it was not the dev’s intention to punish the losing team and instead it is caused by the points switching from team owned to open.

##General Stuff and End Speech
Replace players who DC with a bot what does not award XP when killed.(until a better solution can be found)

Add more options to report so you can collect better data.
Exploit Abuse
Bad behavior

This is my first and probably only forum post here.
I probably won’t respond unless you are a gearbox employee.
Thanks for making an awesome game.
/end EndSpeech

##TLDRH: Stuff broken, need it fixed. // When balance achieved players increase. // Thanks for all The fish.

First off thank you. I’m not gonna dissect this because, well I wouldn’t get a response. But I agree with a lot of what you say. Good job. I do think a bottle should replace disconnected players but athe a lesser exp reward.