GenIvIv - unanswered

What did Marcus do with her?


I was hoping we would get a weapon or shield w/ her, but didn’t happen.

There is a GenIVIV-themed shield (the Messy Breakup)… it’s like they made the shield for this sort of thing with Marcus, then just made it a drop from her.

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I first thought maybe he put her AI into the Omniloader but no although people have said that the Messy Breakup shield (GenIVIV drop) has her talking to you.

:grin: @Adabiviak beat me to it.

Yeah, it really feels like you were meant to get it as a mission reward from Markus,

The question that’s got me hanging is that maybe they were considering a Loader 1340 option where she would alternately be put into a weapon. I want that gun.

I’m hoping she becomes part of a battle system for a new endgame activity.

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It was wierd, you had her invade the ship, the Marcus wants her and you’re like - oh where is this going,

so give it to Marcus and he’s like thanks…

and you stand there like…aaaaand…

aaand its gone!


That was a big fail, I was expecting something like in BL2 where you put the loader core into the shotgun and you get a talking shotgun

there’s probably gonna be a follow up, we just have to be patient until it comes along, they gave a pretty decent set up for things to come as far as what will happen with her. i mean there might be enough of a set up that they are using it to lead to a dlc.

hope you’re right

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same here, but they put an awful lot of set up there for it to fall as flat as it did.

Marcus did put her into the Omniloader. My speculation would be, since when you reload the Omniloader, it reloads all of your equipped guns (without changing them). If you were aware, GenIVIV does a lot of moving, like she barely stops. So I guess reloading all the guns is referring to those (almost) never ending movement made by GenIVIV.

I always wondered if the Omniloader has GenIVIV voicelines and maybe due to a bug they don’t play… Otherwise this just doesn’t makes sense, then again it’s a Dahl pistol and she is is a Maliwan AI so…

Yeah, I understand you. First time I felt like, where did the hard drive go? The Omniloader would have been the only explanation I could find for that, because the Messy Breakup refers to the relationship of BALEX and GenIVIV had lately, the reason The Family Jewel crashed. Maybe we find it out later, or it’s really bugged. Or maybe you just give it to Marcus, for him to use it for a non-reward/non-story related stuff.

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I was also expecting some reward like the loader shield/shotgun in BL2.

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