Gentlemen's and Ladies' Guide to Claptrap's Place

Claptrap’s Place


  1. In UVHM, Claptrap’s place has the additional bonus of having a bank!
  2. This bank can be used to retrieve any items you stored in the past, but you may want to stick with incendiary. You’ll be facing nothing but Bullymongs. While most will provide little challenge, Knuckledragger can be an issue if your items are under-leveled.
  3. In the room to the right of the bank there is a Claptrap’s Secret Stash. It’ll be located where you first found the Vault Symbol in your first play through (amidst the Claptrap husks).
  4. The stash is just as important. If you have alternative characters of roughly the same level, you can use it to transfer any important items to them. As well as releasing space in your inventory for the long haul to Sanctuary.


  • Getting to Claptraps place will require very little effort in your first playthrough, and none at all upon Fast Traveling. The area tends to only have enemies (other than a single spare Ruthless Monglet) during your first run through, afterwards the only threat is Knuckledragger.
  • Money and ammunition are scattered throughout. It is not uncommon for players to be low on some vital resource, as many begin UVHM immediately after TVHM. There are no vending machines in the area, so use this ample amount of chests to stock up.
  • There is even money on Claptrap’s poker table! Just consider it your Vladof Roulette winnings!
  • The Bullymongs descend from the cliff face, but often do so in a painstakingly slow manner, even more so than the “wall-sphincters”. They make a brief pause upon landing, use this as your moment to line up your shot.
  • The storage container leading up to the platform which allows you to fight Knuckledragger, can be used as an effective defense against him. As it will render most of his projectiles useless. Make note of it’s location when entering.


Ruthless Monglets
Ruthless Bullymong Brats
Ruthless Bullymong

Knuckle Drager


In the room to the right of the bank there is a Claptrap’s Secret Stash

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Please leave your tips up. I wish to credit them.

I’ve been playing this game for two years now and I honestly didn’t know there was a bank and a secret stash in Claptrap’s Place. WTF? Are they the same ones from Sanctuary (as in sharing the same contents)? Also, are they only accessible in UVHM? That would explain why I never found them before, but still, I’m stunned by this. It’s amazing that after having played this game so much I can still find stuff I never knew about.

Same contents and only in UVHM

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Thanks! It makes sense, now that I think about it. Cool feature. I still can’t believe I didn’t know about this.

It’s great if you reset your playthrough and forget to grab something from the stash or bank first. You don’t have to wait until you get to sanctuary.

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Claptrap clearly hasn’t paid the heating bill in quite some time. The pipes and everything else is frozen. Not detrimental to Claptrap, but definitely detrimental to any non-Hyperion robot visitors. Also, the presence of several dead bodies (possibly due to frostbite / hypothermia) is somewhat troubling.

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I never noticed any item-type restrictions on that bank…In fact, I’m almost certain that I’ve grabbed a full loadout from it before getting to Sanctuary. If there are any restrictions, then they disappear after you’ve reached Sanctuary in the story. I read that part and then went in-game to check.

They are accessable in TVHM and UVHM. I suspect that they’re also available in NVHM as soon as you’ve discovered them in Sanctuary for the first time, but I’ve never had a reason to go back to Clappy’s place to check it.

And don’t forget to pick up the cash from the poker table… :wink:

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This. Also, don’t look too carefully at Clappy’s other home furnishings. Unless you’re fond of things like a profound sense of loss and depression.

Never in Normal mode (I checked) but yes, both the bank and Claptrap’s Stash are in TVHM (heck, the screenshot in the OP is from a character in TVHM) and UVHM, contrary to popular belief apparently.
Quite surprised people don’t know that to be honest.

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There are definitely no restrictions Dana. Which source said there were?

Sounded like you were saying that all other items in the bank besides incendiary will be unavailable.

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You definitely make a valid point about how that could be misconstrued.

I meant it is an instruction more like “You can’t leave home without it!” I’ll clarify that. Thanks for the input.

Stuff like this will help develop the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Guide.

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No worries, sorry for misunderstanding what you meant :blush:

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Fixed it.

Thanks again for the suggestion. Will make sure to credit you.

Also, I updated much of the information.