Gentlemen's and Ladies' Guide to Pandora Travel and Murder

Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Guide to Pandora Travel and Murder.

[color=lightblue] Have you ever found yourself running your Ultimate Vault Hunter Routine and quickly becoming outmatched by the competitions knowledge of the area? This collective guide will help put an end to that!

The community will come together to detail; ambush points from the enemy, vantage points against Bosses/Potential Badasses, issues to avoid, as well as tips and tricks as to what kind of gear you should be expecting to use the most often.

Each zone will have a separate link, and this will act as the hub, as well as the index.[/color]


  1. If a link for a specific zone isn’t up yet. It is because no information has been created for that specific zone yet. Feel free to add the info on this thread, and it will be placed in the right thread.
  2. Images, and screen captures, as well as videos, are all welcome. Should you post a video, please remember to add commentary, (either by way of the youtube text function or voice commentary) explaining what you’re doing. Also remember, this is a guide for those who may not have the best gear available.
  3. This is a compendium, so please feel free to even add specific information about how to kill a certain boss/badass spawn, if you have a method in doing so that offers a tip/advantage independent of build/character/weapon. There are plenty of threads for that.


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I like the idea of this

I’m with @Derch here. I’ll make sure to check on this on a regular basis.

Does this include character specifics like if you’re Hellborn Krieg or Sniper Zer0 and such?

Specifics so far as “A hell born Krieg should beware not to set off the barrels in.”

Suggestions as to what to run are based off of builds / item needs. The tips can offer guidance if you’re running something, but not suggest what to run, as there are viable threads for that.

Most tips are universal, but specifically help some characters more then others.

Sorry, I had to. :dukecigar:

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No one can blame you.


Can we have those Borderlands 1 style fast travel station images?

If I could make it so, I would.

Perhaps that could be your addition to the thread!

I could try from a mechro’s perspective perhaps?

I would love to but I don’t have a photo editor, anyone have some good open source software worth recommending?

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Bullymongs added.