Genuine Criticisms/Advice from a Genuine Fan


While I can see the benefit of announcements I also believe they take away an element
of communication from teammates. I consider communication to be one of
Battleborn’s founding skills, something that ought to be learned if one wishes
to play at a high level. Even so, the game’s priority should be welcoming new
players and the announcements are easy enough to get into.

However my main complaint is the now lacking variety of Ultimate lines, some
used to be absolute comedy gold. Perhaps in an effort to return some of these
lines, the devs could allow ally players to announce their ults to their
teammates using all but the callout designated to the enemy. That way, the team
can get a nice laugh out of the dialogue while still informing the enemy team
all the same.


Most importantly and I thought we figured this out, please give us back the one

More ques divert players and the PC community cannot afford to be separated any
further, as it is everyone plays on US servers anyhow.

So, if you intend to keep Face-Off as one of the normal modes, why keep a separate
que for it? Also, why is voting in Quick Match no longer a thing? I got like 3
Face-Off matches in a row, which is fine, but I actually wanted to play
Incursion. I understand this cuts down the time between matches but, seriously,
it’s 30 seconds for democracy.

The simplest solution would be to replace No Preference (People who don’t vote obviously
don’t have a preference) with a Face-Off map that isn’t the selectable Capture

Also, why can’t we have ingame chat for both team and universal? I like talking
with my enemy but not at the cost of strategy and if I’m playing with randoms I
got no choice but to openly announce my observations. Would it be that hard to
add another push to talk button, just for us PC people, like, were got so many
buttons here, you can do whatever with them. Add a button for farting but
please, let us talk to both allies and enemies. A final suggestion, it’s hard
to tell who’s talking sometimes, perhaps an indicator with the team color and
class in the HUD would fix this.


I like to open packs while I que for games, sometimes I get really cool stuff
and I get pulled into the game and guess what happens to that really cool
thing? It ■■■■■■■ disappears. I understand why this happens but it can be quite
disappointing. Also, what is up with the
titles? Apparently I’ve 100% many titles but remain unusable all the same.