Geoff/Arachnis as a playable character

I’ve seen how a lot of people would like to see that fantastic spider sentry as a player character, and I’ve been thinking how his current boss abilities could translate to something smaller and mobile.

Then it hit me: Summoning small minions to fight for him.

He could play a lot like Azir from League of Legends. Spawns up to 3-4 soldiers to do the majority of his combat / dash to a summoned soldier / move a spawned soldier / wall of soldiers as an ult.
Though, to fit more for battleborn, I can see Geoff spawning up to 3–4 little spider bots, being able to command them to focus on a target (maybe with a reload command?), quick dash to a spawned minion that he targets (possibly doing damage to anything between him and it), and as an ult, spawn a large minion bot that either has a timer or simply dies when it takes enough damage.

His main weapon could be a modified sentry turret (that might have a possible augment to launch snare traps?)

Anybody have any thoughts?

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Wouldn’t make sense since… He dies.

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actually, it would be possible. Since one can get Firmware upgrade 1.51C from him as a drop, the flavour text says it causes spider like tendencies in AI. Thus we can rebuild him!

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technically, we killed ISIC, so… it could be explained as they just took his AI and transferred it to another robot.

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Well…as much as I love Arachnis I think he´s a bit huge… Even if GBX reduces his size he´d still be wider/bigger than Kleese and he´s already a big obstacle in missions… (I hate it when a Kleese blocks a complete doorway…)

But: All hail to the Spiderking! :heart:

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He would definitely need a different character model. Something bipedal, possibly quadrupedal if it doesn’t impede too much.

Though, I do agree with you about being boxed in by big teammates XD

This hypothetical rambling is all done in love of the Spiderking <3


It could work, rather easily actually. He’d need a different model, to be sure, but imagine a somewhat spider-like robot, capable of summoning minions using his skill, which behave like drones. Standard functions like attack drones, with Helix Mutations allowing for an assault upgrade, Heal mod, or zoning mod. Secondary skill could lay down a ‘web’ trap, stunning enemies (nowhere near as long as boss Geoff, that would be ridiculous). The ult is tricky, as the first idea is just to spawn a lot of minions, but that just seems an upgraded primary skill. There are possibilities though. Thing is, he’d have to be LLC, or UPR. In story, he serves LLC, but I’m pretty sure the settlement ISIC had taken over was UPR, wasn’t it? I could be wrong there, can’t check at the moment. Still, sounds no weirder than my friend’s reccommendation that Rendain be the Jennerit DLC character.

Arachnis: LLC Defender - Spider, Sentry, Advanced

Geoff has been resurrected as a much smaller version of himself, able to crawl up walls and survey the battlefield with all eight of his eyes. Out of respect call him Arachnis.

Passive: Summon the Broods
Every time Arachnis uses a skill, he will summon a minion which will follow him around.
They will aggro anything that hits you and act like regular minions when you leave them behind.
(Up to 5 Minions)

Basic Attack: Stinger Turrets
Alternate Attack: Railgun (Needs to recharge)

Ability 1: Web Bomb
Launches an arching explosive which deals damage on detonation and stuns foes who walk into its web.
The webs linger until they are triggered. (Up to 3 on the field at once)

Ability 2: Shock Turret
Arachnis summons a miniature shock turret which will sap enemy shields and damage nearby minions. (Up to 2 on the field)

Ultimate: Mortar Strike
Arachnis unloads all his ammo into a location, launching rockets, railgun blasts and stinger bullets for a short period of time. All minions that accompany him will also join in the assault during his ult.

His two Helices would be

“Am I a Robot?” and “I Am a Spider!”

Am I a Robot?: Focuses on making Arachnis more efficient at being a typical S1 Sentry Unit

I Am a Spider!: Focuses on making Arachnis more like a spider, with string shot upgrades, movement buffs and even broodling bonuses!

One of his mutations would be: Wolf.exe
This adds new quips reminescent of ol’ Wolfie and grants you access to 4 stinger turrets as your basic attack (at a reduced fire rate of 30%). This also adds Wolf’s bomb on his back, for mounting the extra turrets.

Another mutation
Doomsday Device
(If you don’t have “Wolf.exe”) this will add the bomb on his back AND grants you 5 seconds of super speed to chase down enemies before you explode after reaching 0 health.

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hmm… that set up makes him really good for camping/defense, but a poor choice for offense/progression. and 5 minions is a lot. maybe give the minions an augment that allows them to spawn a small snare trap on death? Perhaps a brood mother type passive that gives him a small buff whenever one of his minions dies, to encourage him to rely on them a little more.

Nice thoughts!
I particularly love the name of each side of the helix tree, such classic Arachnis

I kinda whipped this up really quick, but wanted to capture the essence of his boss fight and his role as a defender.

I might try to make an in-depth post with all helix skills.

5 Minions is the max amount he can have at one time, but I don’t think he’d always have ready access to all 5.
That could be a level 10 upgrade for “I Am a Spider!” Whenever he ults, he immediately summons 5 minions. That could help him push late game.

Ooh ooh! What if one of his upgrades summoned suicide drones from PVE? :smiley:

Either way, I’ll give it more thought! :3

If his model had to be changed, they should totally model him after a jumping spider. They’re small, round and adorable.

When i finish my current project, i’ll whip up a concept for this idea. I’d like to imagine him with unique minions, though, if only to avoid confusing the silhouettes of his minions and regular robots. i, personally, have terrible vision, so general shapes help me a lot XD

Aight, I’ll keep my eyes out ^^ Hope you don’t mind me leavin’ some feedback and etc…
If I have the time I can try to doodle up some stuff, but I’ve got other things to doodle at the moment so until then, Happy brainstorming!

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I got it… We were actually talking about this in the discord the other day.

“Huh… that weird old guy in the big chair put my spider processing unit into this smaller body. I like it. It’s more like a spider.”

“tsksksksskskcha - That’s spider for Let’s kill these clowns!”

“Ugh, I hate respawning. It tastes like copper.”

“Take that, ISIC. You got killed by ARACHNIIIIS”

So, in short: Just give him a smaller spider body and it’s that Kleese put his motherboard/cpu into another chasis.

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Didn’t we grab his magnus core or something? Meaning we grabbed the brain itself?


The new 2.0 King Of Spiders Ge- I mean Archanis! Now not only is he the King Of Spiders but can now be the King Of The Battlefield with his new and improved slimmer and fast frame! His sentry turrets from his hands may not do much but his brood-lings can pack quite the punch! Made from reverberated destroyed bots, Archanis has found them a new use by turning them into his brood-lings to serve him on the field. But not only can he shoot turrets and SUMMON… THE BROOOD, he can also stun his enemies from “webs” or electrified nets also fired from his hands. Archanis also has the ability to climb up walls away from danger for a couple of seconds to flee back for firmware upgrades, or to heal with a supply station, or can have quite the jump range to both stun enemies or flee away.

(I liked this idea so of course I had to draw you a design for it. Though I would like to also mention this. Oscar Mike is terrified of spiders, have fun with that info!)

Maybe, although if implemented, I would like to see a helix choice that spawns a Ronin bot instead of the multiple minions. Maybe the other choice spawns boom bots.

isn’t this anticlimatic tho considering minions aren’t hard to come by

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