Geoff/Arachnis fight even harder?

I played The Algorithm mission in Beta A LOT and the Arachnis fight was already somewhat difficult. I’m running the campaign mission now and it seems they gave our lovable spider king an upgrade. Now it seems that he shoots you with dual cannons and machine guns almost constantly AND has massive amounts or robot subordinates. The difficult part in beta was the constant adds (lower enemies) that would spawn and now that Arachnis can also shoot us constantly dealing decent damage in his own right the fight seems a lot more difficult. I’m soloing the mission as Orendi now and literally can’t stay on the activation pads because he takes my hp and shields down before I even get half way through and you need to stand in the open to proceed. Maybe I’m just sucking, but I needed full health and an overshield to do it so IDK.

He’s still insanely easy to defeat. The only hard part is standing on the pad on 2nd upgrade and letting him shoot you, really.

One way to deal with this is to just buy a drone. He will target the drone first. Same goes to any non-cloak summon in general.

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Geoff does have to reload once in a while. Pay attention to this and the fight should be a little easier.


Thanks for the feedback. I guess I was just having a tough time with the fight.

Also, Geoff can only aim with his gun very slowly, so keep on moving. It’s easy to die at the end, because somebody may think that he/she can burst Geoff down from low hp…don’t do it, just keep avoiding his main gun fire, his adds are almost harmless (the bomb bots can do a lot of damage if they have been left unhandled, but very easy to counter them, just wait until they are armed - their LEDs turn to red - then knock them back with a simple melee attack - ideally to the rest of the adds)

Well, the problem is that you can’t avoid it because you have to stand in place for around 6-8 seconds and take it. Also, the sheer numbers of bots are the problem. Thank you for the advice though.

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Yeah those 2 capture point is the hardest part of the fight. Try to capture them starting with full hp, and time it that during the capture, Geoff has to reload, that means a few seconds while he can’t hurt you. You will still take damage, but not as much as if you facetank his full magazine. If you can save some overshield pickup for it, that should help too. I didn’t have any problem with the number of bots, but I guess that they keeps on spawning, I just rushed through the capture points. I assume if it takes too much time, the bots will overwhelm you. Which character did you use?

With any luck, I’ll be able to do it as El Dragoooooooooooooon.


I love El Dragooooon:grinning:

In the second gas room, pick off the smaller bots first, then run in a circle around Geoff until he’s facing away from the pad you want to stand on next. He turns pretty slowly. Should give you enough time to activate each of the pads without getting mowed down.


Good tip. Oscar Mike can just cloak, but other characters need help. Another thought - build a repair drone to keep your health up?

Huh? He’s piss easy ever since the Open Beta (he was a decent challenge in the CCT, and even have some fun jump pads they removed…).

He barely ever attacks you himself, and does nothing for long periods of time while he’s casting one of his very long abilities, and his minions are truly pathetic.

I mean, he’s slightly more of a challenge with a melee character, but you just have to pay attention to things other than just “pew pew pew”'ing at him (I don’t have any issues with him on Galilea, the only melee character I like lol).

Things to remember:

  1. Minions do matter, especially the suiciders - don’t let them explode on you. He summons them in waves, mostly during phase… 2? The part right after the first “upgrade” side room, usually when he jumps up out of the arena.
    Two direct blasts from suiciders will kill almost any character even at full health, and they SPAWN in pairs, so… :]
    *These actually used to be a lot harder as well lol, as in the CCT he would teleport them in, and very often behind you lol.
  2. Don’t get stuck in the webs in phase 2 (or w.e. you call it - same one I mentioned above). The stunlock for them is quite long, and you can very easily be killed by suiciders and or Geoff himself.
  3. Revive your teammates, but don’t be a hero. This is especially true on the last phase (after the second “upgrade” side room). A lot of melee players dies because they fail to notice the Shock Turrets he spawns in a circle around him.
    I mean. by all means DO revive them, but make sure to clear out any turrets in range first lol…
  4. Observe his MANY weak spots (critical points). He has 4 that I know of - the three gigantic exhaust vents on his back side (gigantic circles - one on each leg, and one on his abdomen), and one at the red glowing spot on his head in the front.
    *I still SHRED him with Thorn when I get behind him and unload my entire barrage of Volley arrows into his largest rear exhaust port lol.
  5. Make use of the robot drones you can buy (there are two spots to buy them in the arena).
    A single Assault Drone is usually enough to take out at least one of those suicider bots before they can get to you, or a Temporal Drone will VASTLY increase the time you have to kill them before they explode (I wouldn’t bother with a Repair Drone unless you are a melee or tanking).
  6. If you are ranged, STAY BACK unless you know what you’re doing!
    The arena is HUGE, and both Geoff and his minion bots’ weapons are quite inaccurate at long range lol.

On a slightly unrelated note, anyone else sad they removed the much funnier intro for him where he crosses out his own name (Geoff) and replaces it with Arachnis?
Was removed after the CCT…

I liked the old intro for Geoff ARACHNIS better as well. The new intro is better for new players who have no idea what’s going on, though.

In the CTT we’d have games where nobody understood what the objective was with the platforms in the side rooms. The new map layout addresses the player confusion.

May I suggest using Oscar Mike for this mission? I’ve completed it on Hardcore, Advanced using him🔫… During the fight stay near the entrance that you enter the fight… Shoot him down and retreat around the corner out of sight when the minions arrive to just have them to focus on… At first he might make his way to you, all you need really is a bit of distance so his bullets reach you slower and make it easier to dodge. So when this happens just run to the other side of the arena… The easiest parts of the mission are the side bits when you gas him out… Just wait for your invisible skill to recharge, go invisible and stand on the pads…

The hardest part of this battle is the final stage when he starts spawning the tanker bots (thankfully they’re not that often) but if you spec into incendiary grenades it’s a breeze…

Break down…

Attack from distance
Use your Airstrike along with rifle for main damage.
Save your incendiary for the minions.
Invisible skill for the sides and sticky situations.

Hope this helps, if you’re already on top of it by now, hopefully this information can prove valuable elsewhere :wink:

I got through it with Orendi, but since then I’ve beaten with with several other characters including Mike. Thanks for the advice though. It was well thought out and informative. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Galilea and Oscar mike can use shield and cloaking to get around it tho

Some things that make the Arachnis (Oh, alright… “Geoff”) fight easier:

1.) Know his critical spots. With a little bit of RNGesus in your life, you can go in at a high enough level with some characters to just DPS him into firmware upgrades before he even gets to toss any adds at you in the first place. That’s MUCH easier.

2.) Time your skills. I use OM for this fight A LOT. When he first drops out of his ‘web’ (Don’t you just LOVE that?), and each time he comes back out of the upgrade areas, I have my nades and airstrike both cooled down and ready to drop the BOOM on him. With WF, all three skills are cooled down and ready to hammer. Get that damage out RIGHT AWAY, while observing 1.) above.

3.) When activating the fumigators to get him out of the upgrade areas, save the one closest to the door for LAST. Every second you spend in that room after the fumigators come online, is that much less shield (or health) you have when you emerge to fight him and his adds again. Minimize exposure to poison gas (lethal to giant spiders) by opening the gas valves on the pad closest to the door, and making the shortest possible dash to fresh air.

4.) Be able to DPS him at mid-range. This is important in solo runs, but a little less so on teams (as long as SOMEONE can do it, it needn’t be YOU). Third iteration of Arachnis has turrets popping up near him. Maybe that’s tough to deal with, maybe not. But eliminate that little extra damage from the equation by being able to put DPS on him from beyond their range.

5.) But not TOO far away! The further you are, the easier it is for him to keep his guns trained on you. It’s less up/down or left/right movement to track you over the same distance, the further you are from him. So you want to be JUST outside of the turrets’ range (third iteration) or his melee range (first and second) when fighting him.

6.) Fly the kite! Staying mobile has LOTS of advantages. One of them is that it makes you harder to hit. Another is that it kites the adds along, and they get strung into a column that makes them MUCH easier to deal with–each would have to fire THROUGH the one in front of it to hit you, and you can concentrate on left/right tracking them when you turn to fire, with little/no effort required in up/down tracking (because they’re all in a nice line on gently sloped terrain, laid out near-to-far in front of you). And since most can’t outrun a decent Battleborn anyway, you can just hold them at the end of your kite string for as long as you like.

Put 5.) and 6.) together, and you get

7.) Get behind Arachnis! The big yello butt-crit is a great spot to shoot him, because he can’t really shoot back at you there. But the further out you are, the easier it is for him to keep you in front. First and second iterations, this is the way to go. From just outside his melee range, you can outrun him side-to-side and get behind to concentrate on that big, juicy, tender back side. All the while, keeping the little minions gasping for (virtual) breath.

8.) USE THE BUILDABLES! This is the last spot in the mission where you’ll have the opportunity to use buildables anyhow, and you still have LOTS of shards to look forward to to activate your equipment AFTER this fight. So put some shards aside and use the buildables to increase DPS, weaken adds, and even draw aggro off of you while you recover from a beating. You’ll still have plenty of opportunity to get your all-legendary loadout activated before the big ISIC fight.

9.) Last rule of all, so VITAL to any/every boss fight EVER, is …


Serious, bro. Don’t freak. Do the thing. Get into a rhythm. Follow a set of steps to get from A to B, to C, and all the way to D (is for DEAD GIANT SPIDER). We almost never make good decisions when we’re panicking. So don’t. Stay calm, keep an eye on the big picture of how the fight is progressing, and be ready to shift your priority at any moment as needed to address the most immediate threat to your life (go hardcore or go home).

The third phase is the worst, when he throws out both turrets and hordes of minions. Getting behind is a good move, as is having OM’s airstrike ready to plaster as many of those turrets as possible.

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You can make airstrike do double work, if you get Geoff’s attention first. Circle around one side, so he starts turning that way. Drop the airstrike where you’ll drag/kite his nose across it, and it’ll also cover the area of the turret on that side. Two birds, meet one stone. Oscar Mike style.

On third phase go to either side of the area so that turrets won’t reach you and shoot them first. One of those sides has two barriers to help you hide behind it from Geoff. Stay there, shoot turrets, shoot minions and they’ll eventually run out (they aren’t infinitely spawn now). Then finish Geoff off.

It takes a bit long, yeah, but it’s the easiest and safest.

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