Geoff Endless Spawn, WTF gearbox?

How come sometimes when fighting Geoff, I mean Arachnis the spider king in the Algorithm mission he spawns a bunch of shock turrets and then endless waves of elite minions that often overwhelm a team and cause a mission failure cause theres no way to bunker or recover once you get too many. You literaly drop down from the respawn point and pretty much instantly die.

This is on normal difficulty.

This happens during Arachnis’s final phase, you need a character with high mobility and/or DPS to finish him quickly. With 5P on advanced this is a nightmare, if someone goes down at this point unless you have a character that can cloak it’s usually better to just leave them and kill Arachnis.

Try it with ISIC, just go turret mode and watch Arachnis implode.

I <3 Thorn and OM here. Mass wave clear and use your other teammates to focus down Geoff (Araaaaachniiiiis), I imagine Alani would be super helpful too but having all 3 at the same time might gimp you on the single target DPS you need to take out the boss.

I’ve noticed when playing on advanced it’s easier to fight Arachnis with melee characters because it feels as though he spawns less minions. You still need to watch out for the turrets though because they will destroy you. With having all ranged characters it feels like more and more minions spawn compared to all melee or being ranged but up close to Geoff the entire 3rd wave. I’ve also had it glitch or something and all turrets simultaneously die.

It isn’t a glitch. If you can force Geoff out of the spawn mode (CC type interrupt) it causes him to destroy all of the turrets. Thus the need to hard push Geoff on the last phase of the fight. It’s also why melee-type characters are more effective in the fight since they have a lot of the interrupt-type CC moves.

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Interesting. I didn’t think of that possibility. I guess I never noticed them being cancelled out.

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It’s actually true for all of the spider bots. This is especially important in the Experiment with the mid-boss.

You learn something new everyday. what kinda cc are we talking about “Silence” ?

Pretty much anything that causes the spider bot to flinch. This isn’t 100% effective, but pretty much every time I get a spider bot to do it’s hard flinch animation (head goes down and its back goes up in the air), it causes it to stop whatever it was just doing.

You can pull back to the door you came into the area for, hide in the corner and mow down the bots he sends in while you heal up and recover enough to head back out and lay waste to Arachnis

Also, lead Boom Bots near their other bot buddies, they are big fans of friendly fire. You can take out an entire wave of gunner bots with a well placed boom bot.

Middle click melee the suicide bots to punt them into groups of their friends. They’ll pretty much explode on the first collision after getting launched.