Geoff fight needs a fix

So let me get this right. If my character doesnt hava a stealth or some lots of health or shield, like caldarius, and i have to stand in a pod for some time while i get shot and hope i dont die, then i have to get out quickly to dont get poisoned. What were the developers thinking?

If you get the timing right you easly survive. I play as orendi (squishy af) and survived, no problem


clear out the enemies, then walk around the sentry. He can only hit you while he’s looking at you and he’ll turn himself so he can shoot at you. So when you’ve got him facing the opposite direction of the pad you want to activate, run to it as fast as you can and activate it. You should be able to get it without getting damaged too much or at all.

I get it. I already clear the enemies but they keep respawning. I have also completed this part without dying with other characters that have more health or shield, or characters like oscar mike that can become invisible, but since the first time i played this part i thought it really needs fixing. Characters like caldarius or el dragon that must stand there and cant protect themselves and hope not to die is just bad level design.

Idk, I just solo’d it with WF and the adds didn’t keep spawning. Sure, their spawns are spread out, but they’re not infinite.

Geoff turns extremely slowly. Circle around him and wait for him to be facing completely away from the pad you need to get next. Shoot the two or three smaller enemies while you are waiting for Geoff to turn.

At the very start of the fight when he is already facing you, prepare beforehand by buying one of the assault drones. Geoff will most likely shoot at it instead of you, giving you time to get behind him.

Mobs spawn in few waves, they stop once they run out. And Geoff is not only turns around slowly, he needs to recharge his machine-gun - you can play this up too.

I’ve done this mission with various different heroes and never had any trouble activating panels, just be patient (time is not a factor for a score or medals), hide behind columns for a right timing and find your method.