Geometry/collision is the worst

I don’t really know what happened between the beta and now, but I get stuck on EVERY THING. Seriously, stairs, random tuft of grass, open terrain, and the list goes on. Once, a perfectly executed Rath ultimate that would have fetched me two kills was foiled because my character teleported on top of an enemy mercenary in Incursion, where I proceeded to stay until I was killed by enemy ranged characters. Larger characters have it even worse. Should you not proceed through a doorway just so, you get snagged, and then promptly destroyed from those that you were attempting to get away from. The maps that were in the beta aren’t as much of an issue, because we all got a healthy feel for where the unspoken “no go” zones are (though, this is not a valid solution for crap collision), but the new maps are full of happy, unexpected and unseen collision traps. Sometimes, abilities are what screws you up, and are actually best avoided. For example, Kelvin’s sublimate ability, once colliding with an enemy and stunning them, will sometimes register invisible walls, making it sometimes impossible to chain-stun various enemies. From a programming level, I have absolutely no idea how or why this happens, but it is enraging. End rant.


Attikus suffers from this the worst from what I’ve experienced. Even friendly units are deadly hazards to him.

I agree strongly with this. Collision needs improvement.

Just got stuck on steps as Thorn.
Using my secondary skill, when I activated it got stuck.
Sabortuer map.

cough MONTANA cough

He needs to go on a diet. On a serious note, I have a hard time healing players with Miko because we are all banging into each other like bowling pins.

Second story mission 30 minutes in I am blowing up a shard crystal with Orendi and boom. Stuck. 30 minutes wasted.

keep getting stuck on sabatour in ribbed area before the refinery.