German extended campaign gameplay footage

So a german site has put out some long HW1 campaign footage.,18/homeworld-remastered,81561.html

I’m wondering if anyone at Gearbox can comment on the age and feature-completeness of this build. There’s a lot to get excited about here, but also several things that are concerning for a HW1 purist(I could go into detail if needed).

That aside, it’s a really nice block of footage to look at.

Here some first mission comparisons from H1 & H2:)

Thanks. Same question definitely applies… with some more points on the list, now.

You can notice some of the HW2 new lines in the Mothership’s game chatter (when the Interceptor are complete, for example). And I think the first skirmish is longer because of HW2 chance based combat system.

God, why am I so keen at pointing mistakes? I want to enjoy this beautiful remaster :’(