German Version/switch language BL2

So I bought the HC a few hours ago for my XBone, knowing that the game is buggy cause of framedrops and tearing and whatever… but anyways, I waited months for this and love the game but there is one thing worse than every fcking bug on earth:

The german voiceacting in games!!!

I use to play every game in english, at least the audio has to be in english, but this is the second game besides CoD AW where I cant switch to another language.
So the game is not playable for me. At least BL2…haven’t tried the rest till now.

Please, for gods sake, is there any way to choose the language I want to hear in the german PAL-version, or do I have to sell the game now and buy an import?

I dont want to change my whole Box to english, as far as I know, this might be problematic with Xbox Live and it’s storecontent, because you have to switch your whole country, not only the language… :weary:

That sucks.

I have my PS4 set to English because I want to play all my games in English and it works just fine.

yeah, I did this right now on my XBone and the game is now set to english. That would be just fine to me if there were no problems with your Homecountry now. I have to set UK as my Country and this could give me some trouble when I want to buy something of the store I guess…

I remember I had the same problem with BL2 on my PS3 which was also set to English. Every time I wanted to download a DLC for it I hat to set the language/region back just to download the DLC, then back to English again.

Anyway man, even if it’s bothersome, at least you can enjoy the game in English now, without crappy and translations. “Kammerjäger”, lol…

yeah…hopefully they will not ban my box or something. But YES! There’s really nothing worse than german voiceacting on games and most movies/TV shows… “Kammerjäger” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: …already gave me headaches on Cod, but the game came for free with the box and I didnt want it anyways. Here, no matter what, they have to give us free choice on which language we want to play. I mean, the language seems to be on disc, or it would be still german, so why not give us the option in settings?!

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