German voice recording studio?

Hi there from Germany (so sorry for bad english).

Now that BL3 is officially confirmed I wonder which studio will do the local voice recordings in Germany.

I think it must be somewhere in Bavaria because most of the voice-artists from the other parts are from that area.

Has anyone here a clue?

Speak …no, notspeak,but i learn your language,and for the rest i have Google!!!

Err… and what exactly does your answer has to do with my question?

I think they may have been responding to your reference to your standard of English, which is very good.

We don’t often get details about localization teams here, but a look at the credits of previous games would be where I’d look for clues.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok, that is truly a good idea… I’ve savepoints near the endings and I’ll take a look.

But if anyone has still a name for me I’ll be thankful forever :wink:

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