Get an easy Silver Medal on The Saboteur with Attikus - Solo Walkthrough (Advanced/Hardcore)

So I started messing with Attikus to complete his Lore Challenges and wow, talk about easy mode with the right build. Can you hold down the right trigger? Then you can win with Attikus! Here’s my walkthrough for punching your way to victory on the Saboteur mission. Works like a charm even on Advanced/Hardcore. I’m sure it wrecks on any mission but I haven’t given it a whirl elsewhere.

Don’t have Attikus unlocked? Just do The Renegade and rack up those Jennerit kills to make him available.

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I used Toby and Kleese and just used abilities to literally block the defense object on HC advanced. Didn’t lose a single hit point. Well at least I couldn’t see if it did. The bar looked exactly the same. Solo makes everything easy.

Well done! :sunny:

I’m glad someone else likes Attikus! I was wary of using him at first and quite frankly I thought he was terrible, but once I figured out the Attack Speed thing and Tenacity everything became a walk in the park.
Although, I use Hedronic Arc a LOT more than you do. Primarily because I use the siphoning bonus along with the damage enhancing mutation helix. But I digress, great video man and job well done!

“Master of Attikus” here ! :sunglasses: he’s one of the best

I just have the rendain headshots left the make me want to kill myself :frowning: is it best to solo them any tips would be nice he isnt my main at all just completing lore’s for people. Thanks :slight_smile:

My next video is going to be on the Rendain headshots. I’ll probably have it up tomorrow morning. I haven’t done it yet but I imagine I’ll just put my back to a wall and rain down fists on his head while absorbing all his damage.

Remember that you can’t crit through shields, so I doubt headshots when he has his shield up counts.
Someone mentioned that the fist doesn’t have to be fully charged. I have 9/12, will probably take a third final run to get the rest. Rendain dies really fast even on Advanced when you aim for his critical spot, how odd… :smile:

The issue i have is his crit is so small an its not the shields or the arm being charged its that he constantly juggles you with his stupid Rath blade things haha

Yeah its’ super tricky - most of my hits hit his shoulder :sweat_smile: Just some hints to make it a little easier. Also, the Bliss platform is my preferred one since I can dodge the swirling blades by moving to another elevation on the platform (Up or down stairs, jumping on the boxes)

I don’t really like it as a Lore Challenge, but at least it’s not completely unreasonable like Tobys Ultimate Lore…
I’d like to have a talk with the people who were in charge of the Lore challenges though… Did they try completing them? Did they have fun doing that? Was it actually challenging or a tedious grind? I have some questions.

But ah, I’m derailing the topic :'D

I agree i had a thread on Lore challenges i had issues with. An Tobys is top of that list it’s near on impossible. Ive also done Whiskey’s an Galilea’s but they were so annoying because it was based on luck that the other teams in Pvp picked the characters i needed to kill. But yeah back on topic thank you for the tips i will try over an over im sure it’s easy enough to get there etc just landing crits is tough.

…You actually got me to play him for the first time and I have to say he handled the H3NCHM4N better than Ghalt.

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Haha, awesome. Yeah I couldn’t believe how effective he was when I first picked him up. My other experiences with melee characters I had to get really tricky but with him you just show up and start punching.

For the punch in the face of rendain, just use the secondary attack of attikus (L2), you don’t even need to charge the attack
Try to go on the mini Ekkunar of the map, where you can’t be punched back by Rendain

and Punch him in the face again and again, don’t work ? aim a little highter