Get cloud saves

So my PC just got into a BSOD loop (critical process died) and I can’t do anything. I wanted to buy an SSD and reinstall the OS anyways, now it’s the time to do so.
The question is: how can I get my save file back via epic cloud save? Is it available from my phone somehow if I login into epic store, or I have to install the launcher on the new system, login and get the save?
And how does that work? I’ve never done that.

You should just have to reinstall Epic Store, install Borderlands 3 and start the game. When you start the game again it should automatically sync with the cloud and download your save files.

Thankfully my game and the epic is on a different drive on a physically different hardware.
So you say there should be no problem after fixing my s…t?

The game saves locally - there should be a BL3 game saves folder containing the individual character files, as well as a profile.sav file which contains common stuff (cosmetics, keys, etc.). If you had Epic cloud sync enabled then there should also be copies stored remotely. If I’m understanding correctly, only Windows is on the corrupted drive? If so then you should be fine.

I would recommend maintaing your own backup of the saves and, though. From accounts posted here it seems like it’s easy with the Epic system to accidentally sync the wrong way when prompted, leading to much angst.

Yepp, the windows is on it but also the default path of the save is on the drive which has the system on.
But hopefully it is not a hardware-related issue I’m having so when I install the OS to an SSD I can still reach the files on the old drive.

that’s why i (and most people) put windows on 1 drive and everything else on others (including documents folder)

But two thing that came to my mind:

  • how can I change the path and default location of ‘My Documents’ folder?
  • how will the game know where is the new folder, and will it save the further changes/saves in there?

I’m not a huge computer wizard I guess you know it by now :laughing:

let me google that for you :slight_smile:

when done right it becomes the standard location (you do have to do this every time you reinstall windows though)

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