Get dced from a server crapping the bed in story

So for the past 3 days I have been having issues with story servers kicking me from the game after I have played more then half the mission. After that the mission dose not go to my match history and I dont get anything from said mission. Its getting kind of annoying tbh :stuck_out_tongue: Iā€™m trying to rank up Phoebe and I have a 50% chance of just not getting any exp at all due to severs crapping the bed. It is not my internet as I keep conected to psn and party chat.

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happens to me at the end of a game/mission on occasions is not fun :mask:

I had trouble with constant disconnects for weeks, every hour almost it would kick me off. However I switched routers (even though I was having no Internet related issues, just battleborn disconnects) and I have not encountered the problem since.

Went from a Belkin router to a net gear, if that helps anyone