Get it while it's on sale folks!

28.49$ on PSN for the Digital Deluxe Edition! Tell people about it, it’s a good price for what you get and it’s only lasting this week. PSN is having their holiday sale and this baby right here is their list of games for the first week :slight_smile:


O_O I know it shouldn’t hurt, it’s been MONTHS, but that almost 50$ reduction kinda stings a teeensy tiny bit…considering it coulda been Platinum :smiley:

thats funny

felt even worse when the game hit the humble bundle within 2 MONTHS of release, arguably for about $10-$12. I think it was barely over a month actually.

also this game is currently on internet for $5 and the season pass for $13 (pc version)

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Where? I’m grabbing another copy for PC.

Pffs, I can do better - it’s $1 at my local thrift shop! How about THAT for a sale!


I’m almost tempted to buy the digital deluxe for the extra taunts and skins. I’m a completionist, like that.

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But it’s not on sale anywhere right now…I’m honestly looking to buy another PC copy ASAP.

Got the normal edition or 10 dollars on Black Friday, and i got 20 dollars ready incase i want to buy the Season pass. :stuck_out_tongue: not really exciting for me…

I’m totally going to buy it for that Orendi taunt, as well as five chances at the legendaries that keep eluding me: Voxis Core, Pain-2-Gain, Insurance Policy, Talon of Whatever, etc. Also to support the game.

Also, does anyone know if buying the digital deluxe edition will erase/overide my current account?

I have no idea about DD. I may actually pick up a disc copy of the regular version to see if there’s any difference.

I bought it last night, and only had to delete the game (disc version) before i could install the digital deluxe edition. Oh, and wait roughly two hours, so i didn’t get to play it last night. The Orendi taunt was worth it though.

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“I got FOUR ARMS!”

Orendi: “Gasp Oh no! AAAAAHHH! That was you.”

Love that one…

“Deploying threat: HRRR!!! Threat deployed!”

Holy f*ck this is hilarious and I’m holding back so much laughter.

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Check out kid ultra if you like a version of a supehero but stylized for battleborn hes awesome i cant wait to be able to play the game soon also check out alani and pendles if you want to have sone interesting experience alani is like a water monk she shoots out high water pressure water balls and can heal herself or others but if you want to do heavy damage long distance and fast upgrade her a certain way and shes amazing also check out pendles if you like a snake assasin that goes invisible with i think thier called kamas hes also got poison smoke bombs they should be out to buy with in game credit you earn from playing first ones i recommend to start out with is alani and kid ultra(who really reminds if mega man)

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Backs up with hands raised from crazy rambling poster.

Whoa there, pal… Easy… I’ve been here since launch, and know all about that stuff.

Just grabbed another Steam copy, Digital Deluxe, on CDKeys, $19. :smile: