Get Quick, Slick bugged at the log jump

I’ve tried many different ways, different times at using the boost to get across the logs, and I do, but the npc Prisa keeps making comments that I’m afraid to use the boost, and the quest doesn’t advance to the next step.

I’m in the quest vehicle.
I’m on the jump the logs stage.
I’m coming in from the south side, with the flags. The correct side. From the north is impossible to jump.
I use boost, 1 to 3 times on the ramp, and in the air over the logs.

I’ve relogged. I’ve reboot the game. It’s the same before/after the last update.

Don’t feel too bad about. I’ve beat that mission with 2 different characters, and have never found the car part upgrade the game tells me that I earned for it.

I have the EXACT same issue as leydun. Freakin madding!!!

I’m stuck on the logs too with moze. I’ve jumped over this thing every which way, speed I can think and watched other vids on YouTube. Only thing I can think is I can’t pull more than 10fps in this map and this there’s allot of vehicle drag. Doesn’t matter the setting it doesn’t change anything. I’m on pc too.

Almost 6 months later and this jump is still glitched.
Please, fix that.

I found I cannot be at angle when I grab a ledge an pull up. I have to be perpendicular to the surface I grab, which is a pain because many of the jumps have you coming in at an angle.

Also I found this:

Normally, when you jump to ledges in the game, you have to tap the jump button a second time to actually have your character grab the ledge and pull themselves up. But, if you turn on Mantle with Forward, your character will grab ledges as long as you hold forward on the thumbstick (or keyboard, if that’s how you roll). There’s a surprising amount of platforming in the game, including a regular set of quests wherein you have to solve some intricate platforming puzzles to sabotage enemy radio towers, sort of like the Far Cry series, or that Zelda game where I keep getting struck by lightning. Mantle with Forward will immediately lower your frustration level with these tasks, to the point where you’ll wonder why the setting isn’t just automatically on.


Well, I had the same issue but eventually succeeded. The way I did it is made sure to come at at least 67 mph before hitting the ramp, then pushing the boost as I climbed the ramp and made sure to be at 72mph at the top of the ramp and made sure to land way down the other ramp.

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POSSIBLE SOLUTION: TL;DR go over the ramp from the opposite direction.

So, I had the same issue as well. Tried a million different ways, over and over. It’s infuriating to hear the lady yelling at you to USE THE BOOST, and ask you if you’re afraid. Eventually I randomly decided to jump it from the other side. Boom, solved.

Now, I have no idea if this is exactly the same issue as it was for everyone else, but imagine my exasperation when I discovered that I just had to go over it backwards? (Or rather that I had been trying to do it backwards the whole time, and I had to do it in the proper direction to progress). For anyone who cares, I am playing this on PC (Linux).

I have the same problem. Beat the game and have my Level 65 Zane, and nothing. I have even jumped the logs successfully from BOTH sides and neither worked.

I just started a new run with Flak, and same deal, the game glitched at the Log Jump, though I’ve jumped it multiple times.

I really really hope that Gearbox addresses this glitch. It’s frustrating.

I don’t know if this is the real way to do it but it worked for me! Thank you, man!

Any solution for this yet? Have had this mission in my log since end of 2019 over a year ago :joy: