Get Quick, Slick reward issues

I completed the Get Quick, Slick mission and got the notification that I had “New Vehicle Parts” or whatever and they do not appear on the Catch-A-Ride menu. Anyone else have this issue?

I was wondering the same thing. What was I supposed to unlock? Was it just a skin?

I have noticed that you can get some upgrades early. I managed to get the hover wheels for all three vehicles on Promethea, just by coming across random enemy vehicles. So I wonder if the upgrade was for something I already had or if I missed something.

I noticed I don’t always get a message that new part was found either.

I think you’re supposed to get a special booster for the outrunner. Hopefully I can unlock it on playthrough 2.

I think I got a booster off a random bandit, a three-stage thing that doesn’t seem that great. By the time it reaches the fastest stage, I’m out of juice. If that’s what the reward is, then it explains why I didn’t see anything new.

But if it was bugged, I hope I find it as a random mod, or it’s fixed by the time I’m ready for the second run. Thanks for the info.