Get Ready for Next-Level Mayhem with Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2

More mayhem comes to Borderlands 3 in Season Pass 2, featuring the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut!

Get ready to make all kinds of mayhem with Borderlands 3’s new Season Pass 2 , which will feature two more add-ons unlike anything we’ve done before. This new season will include the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut DLCs, which each offer new modes and ways to play. A copy of Borderlands 3 is required to play the content in Season Pass 2, which will be available for purchase on November 10 starting with the Designer’s Cut. The second half of Season Pass 2, Director’s Cut, is planned to release in Spring 2021; we’ll have more details to share closer to launch.

In the Designer’s Cut, launching on November 10 for all platforms, you’ll get an additional Skill Tree for each Vault Hunter and a brand-new game mode called Arms Race. We’ll be diving deeper into these features in the coming weeks, with some big reveals planned:

  • October 20, 9:00 AM PT - Amara/FL4K new Skill Tree reveals with livestreams and a special episode of Ultimate Vault Hunters
  • October 22, 9:00 AM PT - Moze/Zane new Skill Tree reveals with livestreams and a special episode of Ultimate Vault Hunters
  • October 29, 9:00 AM PT - The Borderlands Show premieres, featuring the new Arms Race mode and much more
  • October 30, 9:00 AM PT - The Bordercast debuts the first live, hands-on Arms Race gameplay

Starting at 9:00 AM PT on October 20 , see Amara and FL4K’s new Skill Trees in action over on the official Borderlands Twitch channel as members of the Borderlands Creator Team showcase a fresh suite of powerful Action Skills and passive skills; Schviftyfive and Triple_Gz will also delve into the new trees on an episode of Ultimate Vault Hunters. Then come back a week later at 9:00 AM PT on October 22 to see live gameplay of Moze and Zane’s new Skill Trees, with Moxsy serving up a fresh build on Ultimate Vault Hunters.

If you can’t make the streams, don’t worry! We’ll reveal the new Skill Trees in their entirety over on the character pages for Amara the Siren, FL4K the Beastmaster, Moze the Gunner, and Zane the Operative so you can start theorycrafting your next killer build.

On October 29 , a special episode of The Borderlands Show will premiere at 9:00 AM PT on the Borderlands Twitch channel, showcasing everything you need to know about the new Arms Race mode. Regular hosts Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella from Kinda Funny will be joined by special guests to discuss all the added mayhem in the Designer’s Cut.

Then on October 30 at 9:00 AM PT on the Borderlands Twitch channel, join Mitsu and Tessachka for an episode of The Bordercast dedicated to Arms Race, including the first-ever live hands-on gameplay. Can’t wait to get more information about the new mode before then? Check out this recent GameSpot interview.

We’re saving Director’s Cut details for another day, but rest assured it will be bursting with next-level mayhem as Borderlands 3 continues its second year. Be sure to come back for all the imminent reveals, and we’ll see you in the chat!


I’m finding it hard to get excited for season 2 with the issues that plagued Season 1.

  1. Mayhem 2.0 (broken modifiers, rng, gear scaling, action skill scaling)
  2. Gear drop rates breaking
  3. Gear balancing
  4. Action skill balancing
  5. Annointments meaning more than the gear itself
  6. Build diversity for Vault Hunters
  7. Broken and pointless skills in skill trees
  8. Constant events issues that make playing anything but the events pointless
  9. Power creep on DLC Gear.
  10. Constant minor level caps
  11. Vehicles are weaker than vault hunters.
  12. Limited time loot
  13. General bugs, glitches, system crashes, screen pollution, etc

Now granted some of these have been addressed, and are currently being worked on. However that we went all season with dealing what felt like a Beta build of the game, with having times that I had to stop playing the game waiting for fixes before the game felt playable. It has soured me on playing throughout the season.
Most likely going to wait until the Season is done… see how the end game looks and maybe pick it up when things stabilize. (if things stabilize)


I’m finding it difficult simply because there is, so far, all tease and no substance.
And in some cases, the tease is worse than the cure. New game modes is not necessarily a Good Thing. I kinda play Borderlands for the game modes it already has, I haven’t been sitting up nights thinking Gosh, I wish the BL series would change into another type of game! But again, since we’ve just been in tease mode I have nothing to be actually concerned about or excited about.
But it’s their marketing schedule, if they’d like to drag it out for a month or two that’s up to them.
And yes, I will be buying Season Pass 2 just because.


Do we know the price?

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I will consider paying for Season 2 if Gearbox gives us the ability to individually select mayhem modifiers, including the ability to turn them completely off.


Is Season Pass 2 included with the Super Deluxe Edition that included the original Season Pass? It’d be nice to know if those of us that did spend more money when this originally came out don’t have to spend more!


its not
guess my kids wont see college.


will any of these cuts cut mayhem 2.0? :x
you can’t not hear all the complaints about it :x


This! Keep your skill trees. I want a no modifier, no anointments game. But still Challenge. No mayhem or Mayhem 1 is too easy.


Will this season pass nerf the console crashes, particularly the XB1X and buff the split screen performance, UI and tiny text?

I’m aware of Season Pass 2 and have looked into it but as for actually purchasing it, not at this time.

“Get ready to pay additional money to further beta test our product.”


To think Gaige was free for people who had preordered BL2… BL3 Super Deluxe Edition preorder really feels like Gearbox looked down on their most trusting fans… That’s sad.
Cyberpunk 2077 release date is about a week later… Gearbox, you should show your fans real love instead of trying to milk them a bit more…


Is directors cut going to change the campaign you guys think?
Maybe more of the OG writers content??

If this is a campaign overhaul…
I don’t want to get hyped, but ‘director’s cut’…
That sounds… Different.

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I don’t think so… Maybe some inter main quests missions., but i don’t see a different finale or story big changes to happen.

First line from GBs tweet an hour ago;
Squad up and prepare yourself for a new way to play. In the Designer’s Cut…

Squad up. Which I read as a multiplayer mode, which means I won’t be playing it.

Of course it could mean they’re allowing NPCs to join your party, now that I would enjoy. But not an enhanced multiplayer.


The community has been asking for more raid boss type fights like in BL2. We want challenging boss battles that differ from what the current set provide. Giving us new skill trees to use on the same old content and a new game mode does not make sense.


I’d appreciate it if we were given some idea of what the director’s cut will entail before the pass goes on sale.

Also gotta say, kinda weird names for dlc.


Arms Race better be a cart racer, or we riot. :slight_smile:


I know BL3 hasn’t been perfect but big chance I will buy Season Pass 2. The only thing I hate would be another level cap.

I’ve already stated my issues about BL3 on other threads but I will still get Season Pass 2 unless someone can show me a better (and current meaning 2019 and beyond) shooter looter game in XBOX. No pc or macs.


drive by only :smiley:

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This alone is why I won’t be back for season pass 2. Modifiers ruined the game for me, I like to play on highest difficulty but not with the annoying, gimmick modifiers.