Get Ready for Next-Level Mayhem with Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2

Maybe that’s why I can’t get them to work?!?

Hmmm, well you do need to have at least one of the season passes for the new skins. Otherwise they are charging $9.99 for each one. If you got season pass 1 then they should have auto-downloaded.

Super Deluxe Edition of game, yet no FF skins

Check the relevant store for your platform/region. It seems that the Final Form packs don’t always auto-download, even if you have a relevant season pass.

I’m sure it’s actually something very simple, but between that and the LFO heads not working around the same time I took it as a hint to take a break from BL3.

Lol, you’re not serious, are you?

That was rhetorical, because of course you are.

Thanks, but I’ll wait for a year or so and then look at deep-sale prices, assuming I haven’t un-installed this…disappointment…by then.

Barring the upcoming Homeworld 3 hitting it right out of the ballpark, it’s highly unlikely that Gearbox will ever get so much as a dime from me again. Ever.


Soooooo. When will GB actually release anything worth the price of “season 2” ?

You know, hotfix for those crippling balance issue, content … Something?


I really enjoyed BL3 all DLC’s but Season Pass 2 impulse buy… was a mistake. I found nothing interesting for me so far (others might).

Don’t worry, Director’s Cut will bring back stuff cut from Designer’s Cut :rofl: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


think most lost interest in main story though by now also i doubt people will want to redo the same bland boring story again as i done it about 8 times and wouldnt even bother to start fresh again but i get answers from youtube maybe of what cut actually has to offer instead of me wasting money on what i feel is still money grab attempt.

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