Get rid of airborne annoints

And while sliding ones too. So many of the weapons I have looted in DLC2 have airborne annoint, why did I pay extra for this…


Here’s the thing, good gear drops, bad gear drops. The items that drop with misalignment between stats/noints are for Marcus, you played for a chance at good/useable drops and haven’t attained any yet.


airborne works while jumping :wink: jsyk :nerd_face:

and there are builds that involve sliding (i think that’s why GB added it in the first place)

sure it’s anoying to scrap 90% of your drops because they have the wrong anointment but hey… there’s bigger problems than that hehe

will add this to the QoL changes list i’m creating :wink:

QoL changes topic

This would never happen, but what would be cool is if there was some sort of drop filter. In it you could click the quality of dropped loot you want to see. Set it to legendary only and you wouldn’t have to sift through the giant piles of useless loot. It could be flexible enough to link to the database of annoint types and other affixes, or gun names , and you could turn off ones you don’t want to see.

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airbone damage anoint is fine, it is good with powerful weapon that dont require sustained fire. There are far worst anoints out there

doesn’t hurt to try :wink:

i’ve made a few lists for QoL things and i’m amazed at how many actualy got fixed :smiley: (like the slam problem not realy doing much for anybody)

I believe you paid extra for the content itself, not just the anointments that existed prior to the contents release. Most likely you are having bad luck with drops but are blaming it on the dlc which has nothing to do with it. Seems like you’re using the dlc as a red herring.

WTF would I ever want to jump when firing a heavy weapon? People only do it to get the anoint to proc.

there will allways be useless anointments on stuff…

bonus ellemental damage proc on normal guns, shield recharge on a rough rider, etc.

all we can hope for is that they fix anointments with mayhem 2.0

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well at least it is usable, how do you feel about accuracy and handling airbone? I would agreee this one is a troll,I don t see any situation where that would be usable

favorite weapon with favorite anoint :smile:

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Yes, it can be used, but it forces you to do something that you normally wouldn’t do. That’s why I don’t use it.

Accuracy and Handling anoints are worthless, along with quite a few others unfortunately.

Bonus splash damage on a gun with no splash damage. :smile:

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yeah some are realy funny when they drop hahaha

but that goes to show how much they need to fix anointments :smiley:

Accurancy and handling while air born is really fun with some shotgun. But it’s also a pain to use so at some point you stop bothering

That would have been perfect for that challenge in one of the previous games where you had to spin 360 degrees while airborne and kill an enemy with a headshop without using a scope on a sniper rifle.

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I tried to use it with a flakker but it is not even enough to make that much a difference

Tested it, the Flakker explosion pattern don’t seem to benefit from accuracy. It seem the flakker work as sole shot projectile that explode after a set time, or when hitting something, then them bloom into the explosion we know.

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