Get rid of maliwan soldiers during Captin Haunt boss fight

My number 1 pet peeve about the captain haunt fight is maliwan soldiers appearing after downing a 3rd of haunts health. Not only does this take away from the boss fight itself but also from trying to quickly kill Captain haunt 25 times for the challenge. What makes it even more annoying is that riot troops are constantly up you’re ass even when moving away from them via sprinting or running away. The fight would be more fun and worthwhile if it just focuses on haunt and the amount of arsenal weapons he launches at you (Fire bombs/Ghosts) etc. I’d like to hear some of you’re opinions about maliwan soldiers in the captain haunt fight.

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Another one of these threads, eh? They’re there so you can get second winds and for the most part they can be ignored. Why are you complaining about them?


They’re annoying but can be handy for second winds. I usually whittle them down while I’m running about dodging or shooting Haunt.

Never had to get a second wind from a fight with haunt and Ignoring them doesn’t really help when a bunch of em are shooting at you from all over the place. I just think the boss fight would be more fun if it was just haunt alone. Adding maliwan soldiers just takes away from the fight as a whole.

They never bother me, i dont even notice them as i down Haunt :slight_smile:

I usually just ignore them

this, though for the most part I also have a Infinity equipped to get my second winds from the 20 or so ghosts flying around up high.

while I don’t ignore them totally, I do try to avoid them by constantly moving around.
as for them being gone that would just make the Boss battle a pushover, I have yet to die and respawn in that Battle

Note: when I can’t avoid them a DBL Pen. Laser Sploder (Rad Damage) works wonders on them

What slows the challenge down is farming the 25 Hectoplasm each time and then going through the map in stages marked by the Keymaster enemies. And I like it that way because it prevents glitch/cheaging. The soldiers are there to give you a second wind.

that, i dont understand the reasoning behind that. Do it 1 time then its unlocked.

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People really only use them for second winds?

I’m super impatient so each time he goes immune I kill one so my Zane can hyper speed to the orbs and I can get back to killing him before his shield recharges a single point. Kill skills are great, last time I had a character that moved as fast as Zane it was lilith in the underdome with speed enhance bonus + action skill.

Why do you want a boss fight without adds? That would be easy and boring, and on the od chance you go down they can be a source of second winds.

break 2 of the shield generators and then clean up the adds before breaking the 3rd generator.

Use the skulls flying around high up for 2nd wind if you need it.