Get rid of Mayhem?

Theoretically, what would the game look like if they put mayhem mode on the back burner?
Instead of worrying about maxing out the difficulty for current content across 10 levels, why not take the BL2 approach?
Normal mode > TVHM > UHVM
Then, after DLC 4, they could implement mayhem 1-10 again. 1-20 even. Maybe even 1-100, if they find out a way to scale difficulty with your gear that doesn’t make the game feel completely different from your 1-57 journey. Maybe treat mayhem like rifts in diablo or something. Spit balling here of course, but I feel the only complaints I’m seeing is about mayhem balancing, hence mayhem 2.0. Like I said, throw it on the back burner and focus on gameplay elements that make the game hard, not a convoluted 10 level system that isn’t working for so many. A raid can be difficult without having to worry about balancing for mayhem levels, same with the base game. Mayhem is a cool concept and all but is it really necessary to worry about at this point in the games life span? From a dev stand point I feel like removing it for a bit would make focusing on the game a lot easier.

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