Get rid of minion heals!

I love playing the support characters more than any other role. I don’t always get the highest score or the most kills, but I do a great job (in my humble opinion) at keeping my team alive.
The biggest detriment to a support with targeted healing abilities (kleese’s rifts and aoe heal chair don’t count) is when a minion gets targeted instead and me or the teammate I was trying to heal die (but that one minion is now SUPER healthy).
Ambra: If I drop a sunspot and a group of minions that has taken any damage walk by it -poof- no more sunspot. I successfully ran back to the base and narrowly escaped death, dropped a sunspot in range of me and another teammate who needed healing. Instead of healing us, the small group of slightly damaged minions get the heals and we’re left wondering why those minions are more important than us.
Alani: Built up enough torrent to drop a massive burst heal on a teammate only to have a minion get in the way.
Miko: Heal beam snaps to a minion istead of the person you’re actually trying to heal.

I want to emphasize this point above everything else, I have never wanted, nor will I EVER want to heal a minion; so please, please, PLEASE do away with this.