GET RID of Pippie

This is my one and only post, I came on here to simply say I hate Pippie and he needs muting/removing!!!

Gearbox do you understand how repulsive and frustrating it is, to be concentrating and sorting thru your bank vault, only for this tiny green demon to heat signature lock onto you from the other end of the ship, make a beeline directly for you, come straight into your room and get 1 foot in front of you

…and start making retching gagging loogie sounds right in your ear, then the occasional plant growing sound which is always at 300% volume, which sounds like bones breaking in a horrific bloody mortal kombat scene

The only other thing that comes close to the annoyance factor is when you’re farming slots in Moxxi’s bar, and all the NPCs in the ship decide to crowd around you and spam their 2 voicelines 84 quadrillion times in your face, as they block the paths between the machines,

made even more treacherous when they spit out grenades and you get physically blocked from moving by these NPCs and the only way to break their charm spell on you is to run allll the way to the other side of the bar as you watch them eventually slowly start sauntering to a new random spot at 0.0001 mph

Honestly Sanctuary 3 could be so much better with a few simple changes.
Give us vault hunters DOORS to our rooms
Turn off the “make all NPCs slowly converge towards the vault hunter if they get within range and stand around infinitely spamming lines” option or at least tone it down
Turn off NPC collision
Give mute option for voices or let us “donate” Pippie to Tina in Boomtown or something


Go into TVHM sanctuary , unless you made the mistake to do the quest giving him already

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I’m still on normal mode, but I’m in the middle of the first DLC. If I switch to TVHM will that mess it up? Or will it simply un-complete all my story missions and give me a new waypoint to the first story mission objective?

No it’s separated , simply unlock Sanctuary in TVHM then when you need quiet Sanctuary to do sorting through bank switch to TVHM. In fact it is a farming tip: you can stay forever at your farming location in normal, and dump the loot that dropped in sanctuary tvhm

I hear you, brother (or sister, whichever the case may be, don’t want to assume!) I also find Pippie annoying, unlike Ava’s little “space cat” who is so adorable, I seek it out whenever I’m on the ship so I can pet it! :slightly_smiling_face:

But as for Pippie, the thing’s USELESS except for the one mission where you needed Pippie to accompany you! I don’t know why the player automatically adopts Pippie after that mission, it left me scratching my head! :man_shrugging:

I don’t know how far you are into the story, but I have some small good news for you if you haven’t left Eden-6 yet. After some time, Pippie and Ava’s pet both stopped wandering around aimlessly on the main floor near the Crew Quarters, and started confining themselves to Moxxxi’s Bar. But then, after Tannis left the ship for a bit, they both took up residence in Tannis’ Lab/Sick Bay, and are content to hang out in there exclusively right now (both my characters are Level 39, so I’m still running missions back on Pandora right now.) I’m being intentionally vague on story points so I don’t accidentally spoil major plot twists for you.

I can’t say what happens after that, but I definitely understand your frustration. Why doesn’t Maurice, the fully-grown Saurian on the ship, adopt the thing and teach it how to behave? That’s what I want to know! :thinking:

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Well I’ve beaten the game already and if Pippie ever confined himself to the bar then that time is long passed. He absolutely runs straight towards me whenever a pixel of him is on my screen and does his regurgitating sounds then runs off, only to repeat 15 seconds later

I like the idea of a ragtag crew with non crimson raider/vault hunters on the ship as well, but people/critters just need to respect personal space. I got 45 million dollars, can I spend some to buy a door to my room? :smiley:


Something tells me the door was removed to keep Clap-Trap from locking people in there again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But then again, Ava’s room still has a door… maybe Lillith & Tannis weren’t so dumb, after all! :joy::joy::joy:


Gearbox should add the option to keep Kevin and shoot Pippie out of the airlock instead, during The Kevin Konundrum mission :heart_eyes:


Choose a sound setting where whichever sound channel Pippie is on isn’t ridiculously amplified. I still barely notice the beast’s existence.


anyway, I can understand some people having trouble tuning out additional noises like that. I dont know if the Devs should make major changes to the atmosphere over it in sanctuary, but I feel for you if noises and things like that affect you. Sorry it sucks, Vault Hunter!

The sound is nothing. The real problem with Pippie is when you’re in your room at the bank and he lodges himself in the doorway so you can’t leave. You’re not even able to jump over him.


That hasn’t happened yet but it did with the stupid lumberjack from Eden6 NPC. He just stood in my doorway spamming “I’m so lonely” while staring at me, it was actually a bit creepy

so me being the proud strong Amara I am, I shot a radiation lob point blank at him out of frustration, which suicided me, which made him revive me then run off finally lol


More importantly let us walk through other NPC’s. Why are they an obstruction, if they’re on SAN this needs to happen, or be removed better yet.


I didn’t even pick up that quest. Miss me with that BS

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I get annoyed by the repeating one liner’s for sure when at the slot’s.

  1. I think the most annoying thing that the NPC have done to me is like I would be in my room, going through the safe.

  2. When I go to leave one of the NPC would be standing in the door.

  3. I could not leave…

  4. I mean wait a moment or two, and sure they will move, but I have had them stand there for what feels like a terrible amount of time, and some times I am really in a hurry trying to get the most out of my limited time to play.

  5. I guess there blocking the way is probably the most irritating thing they do, but yes I understand you other complains as well.

I had to start a new game without doing a quest with pippi. This is the only way to rid your ears of toilet hell. I even almost deleted the game because of it. Those who programmed it probably live next to the toilet, and this is what they hear 24/7 :cry:

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Add more Pippies. Eject the random humans out of an airlock because they’re far more annoying. Or atleast make them practice social distancing to stay away from me on Sanctuary…


If Corona was in Borderlands universe we’d have a 100% infection rate within minutes


I also had to start over on THVM to avoid Pippie (#PippieMustDie), but all of my DLC quests are on normal because that’s where my friends are at. So I’m subjected to that annoying thing if I want to do anything other than the base game.

Even changing sound-channels doesn’t help all that much. I thought it was working, but that was partly due to the constant sound-bug that mutes my vehicles from time to time.

Getting blocked in my room isn’t too bad, as I can Fast Travel out. But then I have no way of getting back in without relogging or going to a different map. So rage-inducing at times. I have a 3-min video where he’s blocking the door to the co-op player’s room. So annoying (#PippieMustDie).

All of the NPCs need to have the frequency of their comments reduced to less than once per 10 mins/per visit, unless it’s quest related. Then it should only be once per minute at most, unless you interact with them.

Or give us the option to mute them completely. This goes for the guy who’s screaming all of the time and the idiots who are always banging on the windows and machines. I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t someone’s cry for help at the work conditions at GB. I can’t rationalize who anyone could think any of this is entertaining.

But at the very least, I agree, get rid of Pippie (#PippieMustDie).


I do not spend a lot of time sorting items or farming slots on Sanctuary, but the repetitive lines of NPCs and Pippie have lost their novelty value. Easiest option for me is to mute TV/surround sound.