Get rid of surrender option

Every time I get into a game and we destroy first sentry the other team surrenders. I havent had a complete game in hours. Please get rid of or punish those that surrender…



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And what is left for those who are playing with low levels while the ohther team is all 10+, happens every time for me? Are people supposed to be ok with beeing destroyed?


I get that but I didnt pay for a game so I can consistently play half a match. You will never get better at the game if you dont play and sometimes that means losing really bad. It sounds harsh but get better.


No way. We need that to save time, when the match result is already decided. If you don’t want to be at risk of surrendering, get yourself 2 friends to play with - problem solved.


Turned a 62-100 to 62-0 with my team yesterday.
When you fight you can turn a game as long your team fights too, so never stop fighting.
Fight for every tactical structure and for the thralls and it never be easy for your enemy.

You cannot win if you cannot lose.


That works especially well when you have AFK in your team, yeah, thanks. Wouldn’t it be better to match people of the same skill? I think, yeah, that’s probably better.


What about the games where people have dropped out leaving them without a chance to turn it around.


I agree with you guys this

Surrender both devalues certain aspects of the game itself, and encourages bad sportsmanship. I absolutely agree with this request.

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So just to prove my point we have played probably 20 matches tonight and only played one to the finish, and that is cause we were losing and didnt surrender.

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here’s a suggestion and a few very obvious points to follow.
quit playing in a premade team. i absolutely guarantee you will not have those results playing this game solo with the current matchmaking. you can deny that you play with other players if you want to, but you know you do. if you are not destroying every team you play when you are in a premade, there is something wrong. also, PROBABLY shouldn’t be telling that other guy he needs to get better if he is a solo player having difficulty with matchmaking. i think everyone running around in premades right now when matchmaking doesnt support premade priority could stand to follow some of your own advice to, “git gud.”

and i would be more than happy to have the surrender option removed if they no longer allowed premade teams to play against solo players, and looked at the data they already have on certain team compositions and made balance changes. not all of us want to get off from a long day at work, grab our friends, one play gali, one play rath, one play miko, one play reyna, and one play oscar or orendi and go into a game and try our absolute hardest to smoke teams. some of us dont constantly want to use the “meta”. but guess what? all i do is run into premades all day long that are doing just that… they shouldnt even call it a surrender button. it should be called the, “sorry we put you against players that need crutches to win” button.

  1. I don’t believe you. Maybe you’re part of 20 level 5 man bromance party and you often scare people away. But I definitely don’t believe it happens in every game after you destroy first sentry.
  2. It is fine as it is. Loosing team should have the opportunity go give up, especially when enemy team can decide to stop worknig on points and rather go for pure player kills.
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Ok well dont use premade anything, and yes I play the team based strategy with friends and I can see your point but that doesnt changethe fact that 95% of the games end in surrender after I hit lvl3. Playing solo was better but in the end most of the games end in surrender. Atleast when you got personal friends in the party you know your team isnt going to surrender cause you got the vote and when you are solo you could be doing good but if your teammates decide to surrender you gotta go with it. The last game I played we were loosing for most of the game then we turned it around and took the lead, the second we took the lead the other team quit, we ended up winning 64-63 with 5 mins to go in game. It is a spiteful unsportsmanlike option that allows terrible players to remain terrible. If you dontwantto be killed by other players there is a story mode you can play. Again I get your point but I didnt pay 60 bucks just so I can only play loosing games all theway to the end just to appease the players who cant stand to loose…

I do play with 2 friends my problem isnt my team quutting its the enemy team that quits as soon as something doesnt go there way and that is petty and childish…

Sorry no one wants to spend 30 mins in an incursion getting straight curb stomped the extra time could be spent in a you know match that’s against a team that’s on even footing. If they had a mode were premades could battle each other then you would probably see less surrenders.


The matchmaking should be redone instead. If there was a non-random team generation, any semblance of team balancing and a gorram option to join games midway, there’d be a lot less quitting around.

Please remove the surrender mechanic because people will troll like that.

I have to say that the surrender option needs to STAY, most MOBAs or MOBA-esque games have the option. Why? So people dont have to waste their time being roflstomped into the ground if its truly a losing game. Yes there are plenty of times where people will surrender as soon as the first sentry is destroyed, I myself am guilty of popping the surrender at that time as well. Dominator pretty much hit the nail on the head, you can tell when you are up against pre-made teams and its USUALLY not worth the effort to even attempt to win those as a solo q player. Its frustrating and its not fun AT all. The game is still in its infancy so theres plenty of fixes that need to happen and perhaps there should be a longer time limit before you can actually activate the button (games are at max 30 minutes, so 15 maybe?). I can understand both sides of the argument but not having your time wasted when your entire team is negative speaks louder to me personally.


You want people to have to sit there and pad your stats, that’s poor sportsmanship.

MOBAs are a gradual fight, where one team can pull out an advantage and snowball into virtually unstoppable levels. Really good players will fight this out and have close matches which barely end one way or another… but newer players aren’t going to have the experience to bring back those kinds of games.

If they’re surrendering, then you have already won, take your W, let them get into another game, and stop being a sore winner.