Get rid of surrender option

I have yet to have a team recover after the first sentry is destroyed. Teams surrender after the first sentry is destroyed now. Game is getting stale.

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Surrender is fine as


I’m good surrendering when we’re getting thrashed

I’ve done it a handful of times… with my actual friends in a party though. There’s a big difference between a co-ordinated team making a counter push and randoms trying to do it.

It’s also the first week, it’s going to take players a while to settle in to a point where they actually learn their characters, and learn how pushing and counter pushing works.

From what I’ve seen most people don’t even understand how XP farming works in the game yet.

Every MOBA has a surrender option…

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The problem isn’t the surrender button, but the current snowballing in Incursion and especially in overgrowth. Fix that problem and peoples wil lstop surrendering right there. They know that once their first sentry is down, they are so much at a disadvantage that their chance to have a come back are very low.
Until then, if yo uwant to play full match, play another map than overgrowth.

Peoples don’t surrender because there is a surrender option, they surrender because they have given up. Rather than looking at the surrender option, look at why are they giving up at this time.



lol, what? You realize this is a MOBA, a game with XP, leveling, and farm… there’s no way to stop someone who is beating you in those aspects (which is the focus of the game) from “snowballing” to higher levels, other than beating them back…

You are at a disadvantage when you lose your sentry… because you’re losing the game.

MOBAs actually try to reduce snowballing. League of Legends is one of those. If you lose a few towers, you can still come back with a good team fight which allows you to push back.

If they don’t reduce the snowball, there is no point fighting back after you lose the first sentry. I have yet to find a team able to comeback from losing their first sentry. Which is why almost every game they surrender. Games are now only lasting a few minutes.

We’ve come back several times from being behind, most people don’t know how to maximize farm in this game though, so they tend to just sit and get beat on.

Having the enemy drop your sentry instantly gives you a chance to surge your level forward by re-buying all of the buildables in that area (which gives you a huge leap in XP) And you can easily flip a push with a good team fight.

The only thing I feel like makes it hard to come back after a sentry destruction is that damned overshield that’s constantly being generated on the minions after you lose your sentry.

There’s nothing built into any other moba that “stops” snowballing, except for the players beating their enemies. It’s the same here.

If you hide in your base, give up all farm, don’t contest thralls, don’t farm shards, and don’t rebuild buildables, then you’ll continue to lose… but the reality is that most teams wind up pushed off of their sentry precisely because they already don’t do that, so there’s no hope of coming back.

But if you lost your turret because of a swing during a team fight, and you’re already playing smart and maximizing farm, then you can certainly come back.

Mobas are designed around snowballing. If you are picking up shards, getting kills, and building turrets, you should get rewarded for your behavior. Out of all the Mobas i’ve played, it seems that Battleborn gives you the least rewards for doing well (Items you build generally are worse than a helix upgrade and leveling up barely affects your base stats). I think the main issue for why people surrender so early is that there isn’t really a strategic way to win the game if you’re down. In other moba’s you can split push towers, counter-jungle, and bait enemies by having your team hide where an enemy can’t see them. Battleborn doesn’t provide these aspects of gameplay. The maps are straight lines and shards are extremely close to lane, allowing the enemy team to stay in lane and pick up shards at the same time. The map design and the minimap makes it too easy for characters to be spotted (I would like to see the minion’s player sensing distance reduced because of this ). I can understand anyone losing hope when the only way to win is to fight fed characters. One good aspect of the design is that it promotes teamwork because you have to team-fight to make a comeback, however for many of the solo-querers it makes it impossible to make a comeback. If we ever get a gamemode that allows for more strategy beyond team communication and synergy, I think we’ll see a lot less surrendering

You’re on a premade team and don’t like people surrendering when your team surprise surprise, stomps them. Maybe they’ll eventually add a ranked option and premade option and you’ll see a lot less people surrendering. Telling people to “get good” is a joke though. Sometimes you have incredibly bad teammates. Sometimes you have AFK teammates. Sometimes your teammates quit.

I was in a match last night where out of the blue two teammates quit. It’s now 5 on 3. I should have to stay for that garbage? Another match every one of my teammates had 15+ deaths and were just rushing into a Rath/Miko/Galilea trifecta of death getting slaughtered all game. I have to suffer through that?

Try playing without your friends and seeing if “get good” still applies. Something tells me when your sentry is down and your teammates are all dying again and again and one is AFK and you’re the only one building structures or playing objectives, you’ll select vote for surrender when it pops up.


No, you shouldn’t.


I agree about having some form of option to handle people who surrender for those of us that don’t like it.
Is there some reward for wins? I think of each loss as a learning experience and I play more for the moments that happen over the wins/losses which seem like a pointless number ratio to me.
Even give an option for us that don’t like it to not be paired with people who surrender. Simple character flag and check at matchmaking would solve this problem.

The M3 shepard and its overshield is precisely what I’m talking about. IF there’s 50-56 (like the last game I played for example) and that we aren’t dominated xp wise, we should have a chance to come back. Yet, even though we even managed to have all of them killed at the same time (which should be enough to show that as a team we weren’t dominated even after our sentry was gone), we never ever managed to bring the fight back to their sentry after they destroyed our sentry (even though we were leading before that for most of the game, they only managed to destyroy our sentry thanks to the assist of that sniper from accross the map, and even that was fought against for a long time successfully) because the shepards just make the clearing of the minions wave a pain in the ass. Without them we had it. If we didn’t lose our sentry (lets say like, (56-51) we could have made a come back as well. But because it was 56-50, the shepards were there, and screwed all attempt to come back.

Currently the only way to come back is
-you’re playing as a premade team
-you’re having a character exceptionally good as clearing waves of minions (ISIC, Montana) very very quickly even with the overshield on. We had neither, and we were screwed. Basically, even though we had 10 minutes to come back, even thought we fought at the very least on par with them objective wise and that both side was at level 10, we were never ever granted a single chance.

And that’s why peoples quit at 50. Because of the shepard. If you aren’t in one of the two situation above, the task is incredibly difficult and peoples just give up instead. That M3 shepard is just unfair.

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There’s also the fact that ties are settled with score (I.E. K/D). Several times my team had killed their sentry for a 50-50, by focusing on the objectives of minions, thralls, buildables, etc… but the K/D did us in. Which is weird, since if we’re killing less, we’d have to try that much harder on the objectives to come back, which is what the game is about. Objectives. It’s why the team with more kills can easily lose just as well as win.

I just don’t like score in general. At least GBX is aware of its lackluster inclusion.

I’ve came back after losing the first Sentry and I’m awful.

So much exaggeration on these forums. Surrender is handy to end those complete butt whoops where the other team isn’t even trying to end the game. They just continue to wipe the floor with you then don’t even push. Trolling with surrender? Give me a break, it pops up and you hit yes or no. It’s not even a mild inconvenience.

OR, another match that they will start losing and then just surrender again? Surrender is a terrible idea and there needs to be either a CD 24hrs per use or a penalty such as NO xp or rewards if you surrender.

This is so true. Wish some people could understand it isn’t over till the fat lady sings. If there’s time and still stuff to do, keep pushing through and at the very least you can said you tried and can learn from the match.