Get rid of the grenada / rocket launcher spam in Mayhem

I like having a greater challenge in mayhem 3. However when playing something like the slaughter shaft on mayhem 3 its more annoying than fun.

You get countless grenade and rocket launcher spams as well as way too much annointed.
Same goes for other places that work in the same fashion.

Why not just augmenting the damage of the normal enemies?

This makes it harder also but by having to use duck and cover mechanisms its way more fun to play.

What do you guys think?


I personally don’t play slaughter shaft for what you say, I also try to avoid Pandora enemies for the same. (Although they are my favorites, that’s why it bothers me so much)
The spawn of rockets and grenades in the screen is very uncomfortable, it makes it an unplayable hell. (I don’t see anything, just flash color)

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Agree with rl enemys. Most of them never reload. At least give them a normal mag size and have to reload. Tinks are the worst, they get in your face with rl.


that they nearly never reload is also a strange problem. True, if they would, you could use this as a tactical advantage.

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I agree that getting 3-4 rocket badass at the same time is kinda â– â– â– â– â– â–  up unless you got the 1 shot build moze.

you know what i can take them on but holly fck you can not see jackshit when you are getting spammed like that, absolutely cheap unfun "challenge’


I no longer have to
Worry about the slaughter shaft since as soon as the enemies start spamming launcher shots my Xbox just shuts down


wow, this is really bad. Do you have that problem every time?

The slaughter is the only arena with some challenge , there is Only a visual pollution problem with rocket launcher ( blinds you too much ) , we need more arena like this one where you can feel how a build/loadout is doing and where ennemies are actually a threat

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Yea it started yesterday and before that I didn’t have that problem once. Now everything it starts to get crazy when there is a lot going on on screen and also when graveward drops Down and if I run right up to his crit spot and if I unload in it with the dictator it shuts down as well

I agree, it’s pointless trying to beat it when the grenades and rockets keep coming like endless ocean waves bathed by anointed enemies…it’s an eternal 4th of July!

The best is when you get 3-4 rocket spam badasses and an annointed militant on top who goes invincible every 2 seconds and makes sure he completely blocks your shots from hitting any of those enemies.

So your completely blind and not even sure if what you are firing is making an iota of damage .

But never mind all that , let’s worry about “unintentional” effects on gear and nerf the hell out of them

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This makes me rage and say ■■■■ it i’m going to use infinite grenade moze. But that’s not do-able anymore so now I have to run around the field and pick off enemies 1 by 1. I guess that’s probably how slaughter shaft was meant to be played. But being constantly blinded is not really fair

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I think there are just too many enemies in general. At Mayhem 3 you have to throw grenades and splash to survive and then enemies do the same, so you can’t even see the screen half the time. It just becomes a wash of explosions…pure chaos.

At this point it’s pretty much embedded into the game so it won’t change. Doesn’t make it less annoying.

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You can set server to friend only or invite only . This my polite suggestion
If you don’t want those helping hand come to save you . please enjoy Mayhem 3 . with out
grenade spam or rocket luncher . -_- *
and hope Mr Torgue will give you premium grade insurance before you get in there .