Get the First Look at Gameplay for Borderlands 3 DLC, "Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck" with IGN!

IGN at Gamescom gave us a first look at gameplay for the upcoming Borderlands 3 DLC, “Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck”!

Take a look at the gameplay awaiting players inside Krieg’s fractured mind in this exclusive feature with lead writer, Connor Cleary!


Looked like a new level cap, evil train and lots of enemies. I’m more curious on that origin story. Get some answers to my questions. Can’t believe it’s just like 10 days away


Yay more loader bots!!! Those guys are great fun to tear apart :slight_smile:


Environments, in my opinion, look fantastic. I hope that replayability will be there.

Yep. Looks like new Max is 65. Soon enough, we’re all just gonna have all three skill tree capstones if they keep this up…

65 is going to be the max level for the foreseeable future according to GBX. No more cap increases planned.

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I hope that’s true, but, sadly, I’m not going to hold my breath.
Like, I REALLY hope that’s true.

Not really. If you mainline down each tree to the capstone, it takes about 78 points to get all three, and I use a lot of other skills amongst each tree, so even if they took us to us 80, I wouldn’t likely be able to get all three capstones. For instance, my Moze has zero points in the blue tree, yet I only have the green capstone (because the red doesn’t work with a 1hp build). Without altering my current skill selections for her, they would have to bump us to level 87 to reach the blue capstone, and buy the red capstone, and I still probably wouldn’t end up with all three, because there’s still about three points I need to fully max the skills I use already, and I’m sure I could use more than 26 points in the blue. At level 65 we only have enough to buy half the available skills in the existing three trees, and if they ever actually drop a fourth tree, adding another 40 ish available point options, I’m gonna want more points.

While Krieg’s combat wasn’t my cup of tea, I did find him an interestingly compelling character… am looking forward to finding more out about him.

I mean, I’d say the same thing for any of them, but Krieg left the most open questions, I think.

No Ava.

For the love of every god that ever was/is/ever will be, NO FLIPPIN’ AVA. (Unless she gets to feed the spin-axe…)

I hope the DLC will have a bladed weapon with 200 or even 300 extra melee damage to give melee players a worthy melee weapon. Something like a rifle with a buzzaxe on it would be only fitting for the expansion.

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Hopefully this DLC won’t be as forgettable as the previous one…

I legit can’t even remember the name of the characters of the last DLC, because they were boring and uninteresting, save for Rose, who had a lot of potential.

Yessss! Call it “Searing The Buzz-Axe”, please! It has to come anointed, deals fire and splash damage and increases melee dmg by 300%.
Do it! Do it! Do it, Gbx! :slight_smile: