Get Wedding invitation... again?

I got my invitation… with no annointments… lame. Is there anyway to get another, besides leveling up a character??

Unfortunately your only other option is to trade for it. Best of luck in your search!

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If you were to take a split screen secondary character in on a different profile and host with your main I wonder if it would give them one at level 53. And the second character is just level 0 when you go in as the second player, just collect hearts with your max vault hunter. If so when they receive the weapons trade them off to your main and delete the low level toon and start a new one again. Rinse and repeat… cannot test myself at the moment but seems though it would work since it is always given out as level 53.


If anyone gets to test I would love to know the results as I won’t be able to play for a day or so…

I just copied and pasted my save file with 100/100 hearts completion over and over. Take reward, check annointed or not bank/drop, exit, continue,
Got this today.