Getting a Laser Disker the fastest way?

So yeah. I want to have a 70 Laser Disker, but I’m hitting a wall here.
I have the feeling that trying to get it from the Grinder is useless. I grind for 4 hours now with DLC2 Legendaries and normal Legendaries + purple Lasers, but haven’t even seen a single Legendary. Only Purples.
Are the odds getting one from the Grinder really so bad?
So should I continue to run against the Grinder or try another possibility?
What I’m thinking about is either trying to farm it from EOS. But the odds of getting one are pretty bad aswell.
Or should I try to grind 3 Legendaries with DLC2 Legendaries? Or is it bad aswell?
Or should I copy my save file, reset UVHM and play the DLC again while read-only farm Shadowtrap?
Which way would lead to the fastest Laser Disker? Or is there even a better and easier way I don’t know about?

Three orange should net you an orange, but no guarantee if it’ll be the thing you want.
Two orange + one purple is about a 1 in 3 crap-shoot for a legendary.
Three purples is somewhere about a 1 in 20 or 1 in 25 shot at a legendary.

Trade or reset/farm would likely be quicker.

I did 126 trade Grinds. Not a single Legendary. Can’t be 1/3 imo. :dukenegative:

Mutater arena! Just set it for level 3 it’s easy. Shadowtrap spawns not all the time but more than you think. I have been farming for trickster heads and have about 10 laser diskers from drops. I would say that’s the best way.

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Well, I just got one from EOS.

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All orange + orange + purple? I’ll admit to being a bit surprised about that. I haven’t had any legendaries to grind for a while though, as I haven’t been actively searching/farming for them.

Yes. Used 6 DLC2 guns + 6 normal Leg. guns and 6 purple lasers per read-only load…

Well that sucks.