Getting a mod working

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breaking into another topic to avoid derail, I would recommend putting all your tweaks in a subfolder of HomeworldRM, so you would have C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\EBM\Weapon for instance, then you just put “-moddatapath EBM” in your shortcut or launcher. Overridebigfile shouldn’t be needed, but you can try it if you hit a snag.

Always avoid putting spaces in file/folder names if you can, btw, it confuses programs.

Yeah, I should have known that my question would end up taking up more than 2 or 3 posts on the REARM v2 thread. Sorry about that.

Oh ffs, this could be it. What I have been doing is essentially exactly what you suggest, the only difference being that my mod data path is called “Extracted Balance Mod”, rather than something simpler like “EBM”.

I’ll try renaming it, thanks for the reply

yeah, it’s probably trying to load out of a folder named “Extracted” in that case.

I found the issue. It was nothing to do with the data folder name, or any error in the target line; nor was it to do with using the wrong launcher as was suggested by another user.

I forgot that in order to make the extracted folder functional, an empty text file called “Keeper.txt” needs to be created in it. :weary:

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yeah, that one bit me a few times too. Still, being sure you’re doing everything else right makes it easier to find those less obvious oversights!