Getting a new ps4

My son shoved a wal mart gift card in the disk slot so I took it apart got the card out and put it back together. Now it doesn’t play games wife and i decided we’re just getting a new system. I know i can’t just take the hdd out and swap it because of reformatting issues. I don’t want to lose all my progress and have to start over. Anybody know of a way I can transfer over?

ok so
i dont know about ur financial status or how much damage the console got
but i think buying a new ps4 is kinda stupid, especially with the ps5 coming out pretty much 1 month from now
i would just say fk it and try to get that

for memory, did you have ps online? i think they do have backup if it is enabled, and you can play all ps4 games on ps5 anyway, most of them if i understand that right are also wworking if you got them digitally

i mean its just me
but i would rly not spend 200+ for a ps4 at this point

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i mean if you have an external harddrive you can propably also try to get all ur progress on that ( i think you have to formate it though and it should be about a terrbite big to make sense

if you cant do that rly re-consider if you want to get another ps4

If the only problem is that the console don’t play any games it’s still fine.

If you have ps+ you can save your saves and profiles into the cloud.
If not you can save it to an USB drive.

Would not buy a new ps4 especially now.

With ps plus, your saves can be added to the cloud. Nothing lost.

Also there maybe a way to copy your old ps hdd when setting up a new console. It will ask if you are transferring from an old machine.

It would be the same process for a new hdd. As others have said, back up everything onto USB or cloud. You will need to download the PS software onto a USB from a PC and load that for the interface, and you are good to go, good luck.

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After looking at replies im probably going to go with the ps plus cloud save, I’m not getting a ps5 right now because I don’t like to deal with consoles in the beginning of their life cycles especially after dealing with the xbox 360 and the rrod.