Getting another Character gear in Battleborn

Is there another way of getting Battleborn personal gear? I completed all of Shayne’s Lore challenges. I was selling some gear I found in a pack and when I tried to sell the gear in a pack, somehow Shayne’s “Smack Attack” Slinger was highlighted. I thought the gear I wanted to sell was highlighted so I click to sell it and then I noticed what was actually sold. Is there anyway to replace this or am I just SOFL? It seems like there would be a way to replace that.

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RIP gear. Sadly it is gone.

GBX needs too implement a lock function in game for this exact reason

Sorry about your gear OP

Of course. Fantastic. I don’t even know how it happened. I didn’t have my hand on the arrows or control sticks. It just was on that one. Which sucks, because I used that a lot. Oh well guess the universe didn’t want me to have it.

Yea I am extremely careful when I sell gear because the gear menu is buggy as ****. Often times I am scrolling through my list and click on something and it randomly clicks something at the top of the page! But yea I’m terrified I will accidently sell one of my Lore pieces. Either make them unsellable OR make it so you can just re obtain it by click on the challenge or something.

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I know right? I didn’t even think you could sell that gear. It’d be nice if you could at least get more than one. One for completing lore challenges and one for maxing out the character.

Like @sfghost1 said there needs to be a way to re acquire the lore items in case stuff like this happens

Hopefully GBX can add a feature to let people reclaim lore legendaries.

Is this a possibility? @JoeKGBX

Yeah, because they are kind of cool to have. Character specific gear in a game like this isn’t something you should just sell or if it is you should be able to get more. I can get more of other legendary gear, but these are like what spiderman said “Everybody gets one”. Did they think people might not care about them or make an easy mistake when the gearbox(pun not intended) is so wonky?

At the very least, you’d think there might be a confirmation window on legendaries. And on character legendaries I’d do a second “you can’t get this again, are you sure?” Confirmation.

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Again, my view is that character legendaries should be both permanent and not take up a gear inventory slot.
Once character mastery is earned, you should hav e that gear FOREVER Forever forever… for…ever…

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Try contacting gearbox support. I don’t think you should be able to sell a hard-to-get, character-important item you can only get once in the whole game.

How do you do that? Very much new here.

If you mean get another lore legendary for a character, the answer is you can’t

I mean contacting Gearbox support.

Fun fix for something like this could be:
Sell the character gear and it resets some random lore challenges (of maybe all of them, wouldn’t want to make it to easy for people to re-roll legendary gear).
So you could get xp, rewards, and a re-roll for the legendary gear, but for the price of having to redo challenges.

I like that idea. I’d gladly re-do her Lore challenges.

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But anyway there should definitely be an extra warning that you have to confirm when selling ANY legendary item (though the cursor should start on the no/deny option)

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Just google gearbox software support it will direct you to zendesk, there support page