Getting at least Silver on "The Archive" solo

I have been trying for quite awhile already doing it both on Advanced, Normal and Normal (hardcore) but all of them ended up with bronze even if I don’t even die once, complete almost all the challenges if possible and even buy all the rift zapper to get all the shards and so on.

Is there a hidden room or something to get to the score mark for silver? Or do I need to get at least a group of 3 to get it to silver+ so I can play Kleese.

I guess there’s something wrong with the mission (scoring): I’ve played it 5 times already (solo, random team) and got “bronze” every time. While on all the other missions I have “gold”

I’d love to know definitively how medals are given.
But I THINK that it’s time-based. Or maybe some formula with time and score.

Given that the Archive always moves at a more-or-less set pace, it’s hard to score better.

Would love to hear from anyone who was able to get better than bronze on the mission

I don’t think it’s even possible to score Gold+ on any mission solo, you just cannot get enough score point. My guess is that it’s a fixed amount no matter how many people there are in the party. Pretty stupid IMO.

So unfortunately after having as much trouble as yall were having, i was able to complete this. I don’t feel like in it’s current state the mission gives you the opportunity to score high enough SOLO that is to silver it. I tried for hours before deciding to set the level up to cheese it. ISIC was my choice as his ult makes this easy mode. on the 2nd phase where you escort the “data” set the level with NO turrets, and let EVERYTHING spawn . Ensure that the waves of bots are destroyed, either by staying just in the last half of the escort or the first half. Kill everything to build your score and just keep doing so until you reach about 35000 then finish the mission.

This took me 2 attempts to set up as if you build the turrets it seems to interupt the spawn of the enemies , also you have to actually walk into the area to trigger the spawn at times. You want enough enemies up to kill the escort wave. This method i warn took me 2 hrs to finish, but it’s all i needed for kleese, beer made it easier (pro tip).

(set up prior to escort area) - OPEN EVERY CHEST look for LARGE chests as when you reach them they spawn bonus score tokens. 12k of my score was attributed to bonus score. Due to the randomness of the large chests and the buggy enemy spawn points during escort i failed to set the level up 2x before successful.

I hope there is a legit way to finish this level but after trying all day this is what i Had to do.


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forgot to include that my final score was 51,881

Well damn, this must be messed up then as I just did this mission with a group of random scoring 54,370 and still got bronze. Do you need a higher score if your in a group compared to solo to get high tiers?

Turns out, if you want silver, you have to purposefully STALL at the data minion thingy part and keep farming there.

As long as the data minion keep moving and die, THralls and VArelaasdasda will spawn and you can farm point there until you get silver or gold. Be prepared to spend nealy an hour at that part.

This is an issue imo because the players are being punished for doing well and clearing the stage with no difficulty.


Yep, we did this in the way Zeitzbach mentioned. Open every chest during the mission, never build anything, let the minions walk alone, popping all the mobs through the way. The first one or two waves of minion will reach their target, but it’s not a problem. The purpose is that this way, all the mobs keeps respawning, and you can kill the ones close to Mellka repeatedly (the first 2 anchors plus the Varelsies in the tunnel).
Keep farming until around 40k score, then finish this part, aoe down all the mobs, and finish the mission normally. Be sure to get all the bonus score globes from the boss you can reach. We finished this way with gold medal, and 68k final score.

The main issue with this mission is simply that there is not enough score in the map. Only one boss spawns, and he drops bonus scores only when he’s killed. Either this map needs more mobs or any source of scores, or Gearbox have to lower the medal-requirements (around 40k total for silver, 50 for gold seems to be fine). Ideally both of it.

My pain, can’t get gold on those two. Every one a PUG.

You can do it solo on normal for The Archive.

Just leave the data minion dead until you get about 45k points. The rest of the way combined with 2 guns from Boss + Boss extra score will push it to gold.

I don’t do solo, but thanks anyway.

Just managed to get silver on advanced with 5 players. We did it by not losing a single data minion, and moving as fast as possible while picking up all the extra score.

I’ve been working towards unlocking Ghalt, but there’s an issue with that. Not only do you have to complete ALL missions on Advanced difficulty (solo or premade, because no Adv. Matchmaking), you have to get SILVER on ALL the missions… Including The Archive.

I have no friends that actively play this game, so it’s all solo. Lemme tell ya’, for me, it’s impossible to get Silver on Archive. I’m only allowed 2 hours of server time, and it takes me two hours of hardcore enemy farming just to get up to 35-40K score. The way I see it, I’m better off waiting until CR 40.

No kidding. I tried the farming thing last night and killed double the enemies of the one time I got silver. Scored 35k and bronze. Have not idea how this is scored.

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