Getting back into BL again

Okay, with BL being backwards compatible with X1, I’m just asking around what would be an awesome way to start up BL again? Any suggestions from the community.

Okay, just a few odd suggestions.

  1. “Vault Hunters of Pandora Unite” play the game so that you and 3 other friends each choose a different character and get on as a group. (This is best when used as a supplement to another file since it can be tedious to get everyone together).

  2. “Odd Job:” If you’re really adventurous, look and see if you can master a weapon that isn’t usually associated with that character and make a build around it (i.e. Revolver Brick).

  3. “The One that got away”: Just play whichever characters you have yet to play, and see if you can adapt them to your play style better than your initial choice.

  4. “Need not apply”. Choose 3 types of guns, only ever use those three types.

  5. “Scavenger”: See how far you can get with only whatever you may find.

Hope those help at all.

Technically, the BL2 Handsome Jack Collection isn’t a backwards compatible game. It was ported to Xbox One. That’s not the same as backward compatible games that run on an XBox 360 emulator.

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Yeah, but we’re talking about the original Borderlands game, which was never remastered for XB1 and isn’t part of the HC (sniffles :disappointed_relieved:)


I enjoy the first Borderlands and hope it will be ported to XBO.

Borderlands is already on the initial list of “backwards compatible” games for XB1. That probably means we won’t see a properly remastered version (with bug fixes and updates), hence the sniffles. I will be trying it out come Christmas, however!

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Highly recommend scavenger runs. They always keep the game fresh since you’ll be using different weapons with each run.

Also recommend trying rarity runs (white-only or green-only) or loyalty runs (Atlas-only, Jakobs-only, etc). If you’ve played through before, these types of runs can get you to try out weapons that you would normally skip over for something else. Again, adds more variety which keeps the game fresh. Plus, with the Knoxx DLC, you can get those specific Loyalty COMs to add another layer of fun to the playthrough!

Might do all Atlas run with Roland or Brick. Sounds fun.