Getting connection failed error

I can play the game, but apparently I can’t connect to shift.

My friend got rewards and I didn’t. Any ideas?

My bl2 character uploaded, but I can’t seem to be able to download my cross save from tps

I think my problem is my ps4 isn’t logging into shift.

I had a similair thing going on last time. PS4 kicked me not only out of the Find Games screen but out of the game and all the way to the PS4 menuscreen. :sweat:

I’m having the same issue, had the game since release day and i still haven’t played online or had anybody join me, never used to be an issue on the 360, anybody help at all? Borderlands is not the same single player…Im getting ignored on social networks and direct emails to Gearbox, needs resolving!

Same it seems that i can play any other game fine on PS4 but when i try to connect online it pops up with this connection failed message!!! please help :slight_smile: