Getting destroyed after initial playthrough: what am I missing?

First, let me say that leveling through initially on Amara I have died less and generally killed faster than I did on Fl4k. However, after finishing the initial story mode at only 38 (I didn’t do any sidequests this time) I was looking for ways to get to 50 before doing TVHM.

I tried doing cistern of slaughter on M2 but getting destroyed. I can’t even get past stage 2 wave 3. So I decided to try Graveward M2 but again…just dying over and over. My guns seem to barely do damage. Bumped it down to M1 but still can’t do it. I can barely kill the second wind mobs that spawn. The mayhem modifiers also seemed favorable as they were all modifiers about weapons but there are no humans or robots that shoot any weapons in either cistern or Graveward so it should have been easy.

I didn’t have trouble with this in story mode. I also played through a good bit of TVHM on M2 with Fl4k and didn’t seem to have much trouble. WTF am I missing? I don’t get why I’m suddenly struggling so hard with a class that until now felt easier than Fl4k.

This is how I have spent points so far:

Got TTB first and working towards Avatar. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? This is getting pretty aggravating.

I got you.

I run Fl4k

Since preorder.

Now Guardian Rank 500

Put on Mayhem 3,go to Athenas go hunt/farm

Chupacabrach,kill everything before him,then

him,save at save point right before you get to

the left path you take to get to the area where

he’s to the left of,first. Then kill,quit,repeat.

Got from 34-50 in 4 hours,and got most of my

first 50 legs off him from just doing this. Of

course these legs were pre patch where he was

just handing them out. You still get them now

but it’s a slow leak as opposed to a broken

water main. Good hunting! Also if on ps4,

my PSN,APE-160

I run mayhem 3 mainly when I farm or test new

gear or want to be challenged. Tvhm for when I

just want to mindlessly melt everything.


People keep telling me to put it on M3 when I can’t even kill things on M2 or M1. I must be missing something or I’m really bad at this game (or this class).

Found a guide that said to put it on M3 and farm the Billy crew challenge. I have manged to kill them a couple times but mostly just dying over and over even on M2. I’m starting to really hate Amara’s AS options. TTB doesn’t seem to do ■■■■ and half the time I go down as I’m using it or immediately after it’s over because I’m taking so much damage. I have tried stillness and soul sap but neither helps.

I understand your point about not wanting to go 3 when your dying on 2 but,

Athenas has no annointed enemies to ■■■■ you every chance they get. You know hit hard,you go down they teleport out. I was killing enemies doing the same thing I’m telling you with a level 44 faisor I got off chupa,but again pre patch. If you want help running. I can definitely help.

Well this Billy crew challenge doesn’t have annointed, either but that isn’t making it any easier. I just have no way to deal with the massive incoming damage. Thanks for the suggestion. Will try that other boss tomorrow. Maybe that will be more doable for me but I’m starting to lose confidence in my ability to play this class (or maybe this game). Maybe I’m hitting my old man limit or something.

Don’t get discouraged,I died countless times on my first play through thanks to the agonizer 9000. He’s nothing now. Keep at it,and it’s not you,but more your gear or skill setup.

I have played with many sirens online in proving grounds,they all hold there own and then some. The offer stands,just hmu.
I love putting my Fl4k on everything.

That’s the thing…I didn’t have any trouble with Fl4k or Amara on the first playthrough. I even played on TVHM M2 on Fl4k without much issue. However, on Amara with any mayhem activated I feel about as strong as a wet noodle and I’m not even on TVHM. I guess it’s my bad gear but who knows. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

No problem. Good hunting my friend!

If you have fast load times you can farm the Mother of Gorgons (or whatever her name is) in the Anvil. She always dies to 1 melee hit. She’s also worth decent XP on Mayhem 3 and you’ll likely get some legendaries in the process. The only drawback is that she’s not a guaranteed spawn.

I had a similar issue when I finished the game as well - in short I ended up farming several bosses and named enemies for better gear before easing my way into the higher Mayhem modes. Biggest difference makers for me were a better shield and equipment with annointments. Higher level class mods helped as well with better stats (the ones at the bottom of the card). Here’s a variation of the build you posted that may help with survivability a bit (Lvl. 39):

Based on your build I assume you’re using elemental guns for the most part, if so I’d spec down into the Fist of the Elements Tree to pick up Indiscriminate & Sustainment (feel free to pick up the capstone if you want or skip it). Indiscriminate is great if you’re using any of the Phasegrasp abilities. I’m not a huge fan of Wildfire, but I needed to put points somewhere to move down the tree.

For Mystical Assault, I put a point into Violent Tapestry to build Rush Stacks faster (assuming you aren’t using a Legendary Phasezerker Class Mod). Transcend is in my opinion a must, so 3 points there, especially if you’re going with Phasegrasp Action Skills. You have enough points leftover (at Lvl. 39) to get down to Ascendant, which you should pick up, so spend the remainder of the points how you want in either Fast Hand(s), Alacrity, or Restless. I put them into Alacrity since you had some there from your build and since you’ll be able to build Rush stacks quickly with Violent Tapestry and Elemental Status Effects.

Personally I liked to use the Soul Sap Augment with Ties That Bind for most situations but you may prefer Stillness of Mind instead. When fighting bosses or enemies I couldn’t Phasegrasp, I’d switch over to Deliverance for the Action Skill and Soul Sap Augment.

Eventually, as you get closer to level 50, you may want to move all the way down to the capstone in the Mystical Assault tree and have Fist of the Elements as your secondary skill tree. But that’s dependent on your playstyle and the gear you find. Hope some of this helps you out.

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That build you linked is actually what I originally had but decided to go for Avatar instead. However, I wanted to keep TTB so was sort of in a weird in between state. I guess it makes sense to switch it back to that until I have enough points to get mystical assault capstone and TTB at the same time. I had thought that that putting 2 points into clarity might suffice in lieu of losing sustainment but maybe that isn’t working as well as I had hoped.

Also, I do have 2 points in tapestry from a class mod so that’s why I don’t have points in it atm. Previous to that I had 1 point in it. I also do the same with TTB on bosses that are immune. I just switch to phasecast or phaseslam and I generally use soul sap but have been trying stillness with mixed results. In any event thanks for the suggestions/info. Gonna try respecing back tonight and see if it gets any better. If so…I guess losing sustainment was a bigger problem than I realized.

play lifesteal melee (relic)
or sustainment +elemental weapons (radiation + corrosive if you dont like swapping much)

Btw, you should never take damage from anything graveward does. All of his attacks are extremely telegraphed. You can jump the laser when near the wall.

congratz - you cant die anymore

Sorry about the link - I’m new at this. I tried to describe most of it in case I screwed it up. Not totally unlike your original. Just put more points into Fist of the Elements (Indiscriminate & Sustainment) to finish out the tree, took all points out of the Brawl tree, and started down Mystical Assault until I got down to Ascendant (picking up Transcend along the way).

I did the same with Clarity as well on my playthrough, but I didn’t like that it was based on a % of missing health rather than max health. I found that the elemental damage I was putting out was way out pacing Clarity health regeneration, so I went with Sustainment instead.

Well I tried going back to my original spec with 5/5 sustainment. Still getting my ass kicked. Didn’t even make it to second stage. I just don’t see how you are supposed to take this much damage. I get off TTB but I’m still getting bombarded with 40 different elemental damage pools that just melt me. Even if I keep moving they seem to hit me perfectly on the run with pinpoint accuracy so there is no escaping the damage. Then I can’t kill the mobs fast enough to get a second wind or if I do I just go down again. Guess I just suck.

Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try this when I get to play later this week.

What’s your gear situation like? Class mod, shield, guns, etc.? If you still have side quests to do, an easy shield to pick up is the Multivitamin on Athenas. I’m also pretty positive you can pick up the Transformer shield as a quest reward later in the game (Desolation’s Edge I think).

You’re sticking to Mayhem 1 correct? It may be beneficial for you to farm some bosses for Legendaries in Normal Mode before bumping it up to Mayhem. A game changer for me was Lucian’s Call, but I think that’s true for just about everyone.

I personally think a build like you’re going for favors a slower, more methodical, approach to dealing with enemies. Make them fight your fight, maintain the distance, and take cover when needed.

If you’re still struggling, maybe take the points out of Mystical Assault and move them over to Brawl for some survivability (Max Health, Health Regeneration, Damage Reduction, Movement Speed/Shield Recharge Delay, and Elemental Resistance). Not really the build you were going for but it could hold you over till you get better gear and more skill points.

My gear situation isn’t that great. I haven’t done any side missions and have only completed story mode. My whole point in doing this was to level up to 50 before starting TVHM and doing all side missions at max level.

I have made a bit of progress on this because I passed over some legendary weapons from my Fl4k character that I could use and I have eeked out a few more levels so the combination of a few more skill points and a couple weapon upgrades have improved my damage output and survivability. I still couldn’t complete the arena because I literally ran out of ammo for all guns as I got knocked so couldn’t get a second wind but it was the final wave of stage 5 so that is an improvement I guess. At the very least I’m getting far enough that it’s decent XP to get me the rest of the way to 50.

If you know of any good bosses that are easy to farm that give good XP and some possible upgrades I would love to hear what they are. I have done a bit of Billy farming already.

Graveward is simple if you know his attack pattern. Pretty sure he swipes to the rear of the platform, then punches to your right, then to the left, and vomits at the front. Plus the Green Ball Tilt thing (just go into the hidey-hole). Also there’s the fire thing which can be avoided as well. Spend a little while learning it and you can beat him no problem. Found Phasecast works great - and the orbs in his hands are crit spots if you didn’t know.

Other than that Troy isn’t a difficult fight and neither is Tyreen.

Not sure about the XP, but Proving Grounds might be a solid place to check out. Try farming some of the Hunts, Assassinations, and rare enemy spawns as well. There’s one on Eden-6 (Voracious Canopy?) that is a Gremlins Easter Egg that drops a guaranteed legendary if you kill it with fire.

Good Luck.