Getting extremely choppy framerate

So I’m getting about half an fps as of right now in game and in menus (only loading screens are really exempt) best shown by this (as this is way too hard to explain exactly what’s happening). Has been happening prior to updates for the handsome jack collection (started about 2 weeks back with these issues when I tried to play it before) and have tried the following things.

  1. Changed all in game graphics settings (have not fooled around with those in the INI files as it seems to make no difference)
  2. Reinstalled the whole game
  3. Wiped config files and all that by deleting the entire of the borderlands 2 folder inside MyGames
  4. Have run all the installers as outlined in this post, all but dotNetFx40 ran all the way through, only reason dotNetFx40 didn’t was because it said it was already installed (no repair or anything it seems)
  5. Uninstalled drivers and ran it without any for the exact same problem, installer 1 version later (the latest) of the drivers and have the same problem
  6. When I reinstalled I installed on a different drive in case that was the problem (first was HDD, second was SSD)
    And I’m pretty sure that lists all the things I’ve tried
    As for specs I’m running Windows 8.1
    16GB of RAM
    Rx 480 8GB
    And in case there was any doubt if I could run this game at more than this I run borderlands 1 at at least 75 FPS with no drops (have no clue what it actually hits as don’t have an FPS counter enabled)
    As for the 5th issue I’m running Windows 7 drivers as they’re a more up to date version but doubt that’s causing any problems as ran it without any drivers rather than just the updated version too, could be something to do with needing to do something the win7 drivers don’t allow it to do which seems weird so didn’t bother testing that
    It’s also important to note that in the past I ran BL2 on the same system and it ran fine, same as BL1
    Thanks for any help in advance!