Getting frustrated

I’m getting so frustrated at the moment … I’ve been playing melee Zero on UVHM, but I can’t seem to kill any bosses at all?!

I’m currently at the Levithan in the Captain Scarlett DLC… No way I get that one down … and the same with Terra!

I’m currently using the melee gear, like the Rubi and Rapier. I’ve got a OK sniper rifle, and a decent Explosion bazooka, witch I got from the chest in Santuary.

I haven’t got a rapier or Rubi that fits my level, since I’ve thought that the level dont matter that much, since its the melee dmg it depends on, and that doesen’t scale at all.

What should I do?! Any specific weapons should I farm for?

I can’t do some of the raid bosses, because I haven’t clear the DLCs … and I dont even do enough dmg to get them down anyway…

You could try asking here, Zer0 specific forum. You might get more help there. Good luck.

There are just some enemies that Zer0 will have a heck of a time killing with melee; it’s always a good idea (especially in UVHM) to keep some great fallback gear handy.

The Leviathan is an example of an enemy you can’t melee. He’s got a huge health pool (you’re shooting his “eyes” right?) so it takes quite some time to drop him. Don’t sweat the worms except the queens - you’ll burn through your ammo before you’ve dropped the Leviathan if you spend too much on the locals.

That said, you may be able to finish the Leviathan with melee. When an enemy is directly overhead, melee strikes that reach up apparently have infinite distance. When you get his eyes popped, and he’s sticking his, eh, tongue out over you, and you have to take out the last eye on the bottom side, you may be able to melee it? I’m not sure if it’s actually directly overhead. You might even get Killing Bl0w bonus damage at that point as well.

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Thanks for the answer… Just browsed the Zero section …

I’ve switched to Sniper … Got a much better result, but still… ran out of ammo -.-’

Anyway, I was able to get past one of my other obstacles, so I am in a better mood now :wink:

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