Getting Gold for the Renegade mission on normal

Hello all. I have achieved gold medals on all “normal” missions accept for “the Renegade”(it’s the third mission I believe). I have soloed it a couple of times, but I usually try and group up. I’ve played it sooo many times now and can only get silver. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks!

It’s good to find and open all treasure chests, complete the challenges and of course… Kill all the enemies you come across. I find it easier getting gold playing with others because more enemies tend to spawn = more points toward gold.

In the renegade, there are a lot of enemies in that bridge part (right before you get to caldarius) and around the final building there are shards and enemies there too.

Play Kleese and put two rifts down on each platform (connected of course) and then tazer everything else lol… And make sure you and your team pick up all the bonus score from final boss that stuff makes a huge difference… Side note in a group of 3 or more Kleese can easily get over 400 kills on renegade and make that last defense point a joke if rifts are placed correctly… This exploits the quick kill bonus score system…


Something my friend just reminded me of as well is the more extra lives you have the more bonus score will drop so keep reviving your friends! As I’m sure you do though!

Yeah, I know all of the basics(though I can’t say I completely understand the score system). But hey, any info is good and appreciated!

I second the note on using Kleese’s shield rifts networked to kill the guys at the landing platforms before their teleportation animation can even finish. Quick kill bonuses. In the second wave of the final defense, you can set up 4 linked rifts at the right hand platform where the Evolved Thralls spawn, and use your Black Hole and Taser at the left hand platform where the weaker Primal Thralls spawn. Just one ally can mop up the guys who manage to survive at the rift network.

It also can work at the objective where they teleport in to the open-roofed area, the second defense. You can set it up at the landing pad to the left (from the objective), and right by the UPR insignia at the base of the stairs leading to that platform.

I was stuck without gold on Renegade Normal for a long time, and that’s how I earned it, by setting up Kleese’s “death lab” several times in a 5 man mission with good teammates. I wanna say I had 522 kills in the mission? Something like that. It was pretty nuts.

Another point someone brought up relative to the quick kill bonus is that you may NOT want to build the turrets surrounding Caldarius’ charging platform on the final defense. Quick kill is tabulated based on the moment of first damage to the death of the enemy, and turrets can start the clock running prematurely.

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Thanks for the info everyone!

Question on initiating the quick kill timer: Will Temporal traps also trip that, despite not doing damage?

I would say no, but I cannot confirm.

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Guess I’ll be testing that tonight, then. Thanks!

Miko is also an awesome choice for that mission since she/it/whatever can have both points locked down with mushrooms and float around the rooftop picking off the spawns there. I have one where I came sooo close to 500; have to see if I can find it. This was from one of my last runs:

I played an advanced once with a Kleese and the two of us literally had it where each wave lasted around 30 seconds. It was kind of silly at that point. Makes me wonder what 2 Mikos and 2 or 3 Kleese’s could pull off. It’d be such cheese, but worth trying once.


I’ll try this tonight with kleese or Miko. Been stuck on silver with this one since launch. Interestingly i got gold on renegade advanced but not normal.

My best score was like 72k. I think around 75-77k is needed for the elusive gold.

ok just tried it with kleese. it was me an another random. i thought we did pretty good but ended up with a pathetic 60K. i think with 2 players there isnt enough enemies to get the highest score. ill try again soon

There are enough enemies to get gold even solo, but you have to push hard and/or use a high-solo-target-damage hero to get as much quick kill score as possible. Like Thorn or Marquis. With a gear for attack damage/crit damage Marquis one-shots evolved thralls and brutes and you get all quick kill score from that.

Also on first and second defenses I build only one turret, shock one, so that it helps protect an objective but doesn’t kill too many mobs. Third defense needs more turrets and at least one thumper among them - shock turrets are too far away to provide enough protection of the objective. For traps I use slowing ones, they don’t activate quick kill timer.

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Thanks a lot for the tips. I like marquis so I’ll try it again with him as well. So it’s possible to get solo? I know you have to kill the boss quickly to keep him from jumping to the outside platform or many of the bonus orbs fall off the map. Is high damage build marquis able to wreck him quickly? I’ve never tried it solo and really attempted to get gold because I just thought it wasn’t possible. It takes about 50 min for me to finish it so I didn’t want to waste my time if it wasn’t possible but I may try it tonight and see how it goes.

I let him go outside. He spawns 2 harpoons there, these mobs add you a couple thousand points. Then I shoot boss until he has only a fraction of HP and try to lure him off the platform - to the ground between the platform and the building. When he jumps from the platform trying to get you he might push you back and slow you down; you have to wait a bit for that slow to end (but not too long or he’ll get back there) and then finish him off. That’s what I do.

Also I pick right helix at level one (Waste Makes Haste) to get a speed boost to pick up bonus balls. Hylis drops them after his last guard dies, then three balls a bit later after taking some damage and finally when he dies.

Still it’s quite hard to get gold in this mission. :expressionless: You have to hit 77500+ score.

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Yeah it sounds like I need coordinated team to get it or meticulously run it solo (just hate spending 50 min and feeling good then getting a pathetic score). It’s weird that advanced I have no problem with this but normal seems harder to get gold

A tip no one suggested–let all enemies spawn from the anchors and don’t destroy them. Also, let the beastmasters just repeatedly spawn enemies and kill only the adds.

Also, try to kill the thralls before they kill the swarmers.

…That first part hardly makes any diff, even if you do it perfectly your top score before the round starts is 1675.
I’m talking Normal HC, not Advanced where more armored Thrall spawn behind you.