Getting health with transformer shield?

Hey, I’ve been looking for ways to self-shock yourself for a more available way to heal other than throwing grenades at an enemy. I’ve seen a youtube video where a shock handsome jackhammer thrown can heal you, but are there any grenades than can shock you as well? Grenades like hex dont really function unless they hit an enemy. I wonder if grenades that fire bullets in a circle can keep healing you for the duration for example.

Recently, I’ve been using an Alchemist. With each shot you fire, you take shock damage.

Thanks for the tip i think i have one of those if i didnt sell it off.

I’ve seen people using a shock fastball too

There is a shock equivalent of the blight/flamer grenade effect — where is spins around for a few seconds electrifying an small circle around it — I don’t remember what it is called, that is pretty handy.

Thunderball Fists is pretty good too, just shoot your feet. Each round bounces in place for a few seconds.

Shock Westergun shooting to your feet does refill your Transformer Shield (what I’m using as I don’t have a Shock Jackhammer yet)

I know OP asked for grenades, but shock tediore reloads will also heal your transformer if thrown at your feet / wall in front of your

That plus a facepuncher and cutpurse relic are a build onto itself. I’ve been meaning to post some Slaughter Shaft runs on the forum.