Getting Homeworld Remastered Ships into Blender

Today, I downloaded the Blender source code and poked around in the Collada code inside Blender. The Collada import code in the engine (which is not in an external plugin) doesn’t have any support for importing textures or materials. So trying to get Blender to directly import the .DAE files used by Homeworld Remastered isn’t going to work.

What I found out is that you can convert the .DAE files to a format that you CAN import into Blender including textures and materials.

I used the Autodesk FBX converter from here…

…to convert the Homeworld Remastered .DAE files (included in the Workshop ship examples) from .DAE format to .FBX format. Like so…

After converting the .DAE to .FBX, I was able to import the .FBX file into Blender!

I haven’t tried modifying the model in Blender and then exporting it out as .FBX, then using the FBX converter to convert it back to .DAE format and then attempt to import that into a .hod file using HODOR yet, but I’ll leave that as an exercise to the interested student. :smile:


FBX files are the most finicky things. I wouldn’t count on ones from blender working for anything.

Blender is going to be the most realistic option for people as 3DsMax is horribly expensive, good to see some dev time being used on this! I’m going to fiddle with Blender and importing myself tonight :smile:

I’m sure the people at Blender wouldn’t object to source code contributions too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like I may be learning Blender…

The most important thing is to check the names and see if they are truncated at 128 characters.

From what I can tell, in Blender the limit on names seems to be 63 characters (at least that’s a much as it will let me manually type in when renaming an object like the default cube).

I have a fix for the short names - I wanted to get to it this week but have been busy with higher-priority tasks. I really hope I can get it working for next week. It’ll make using Blender MUCH easier.


Well there you go! A fix to the main limitation is coming!

Umm. I already re-wrote a Collada exporter for Blender that’ll export DAEs that HODOR can handle, so no need to go through using the FBX converter to convert back to DAE.

Dragon93 has also forked it and is adding in some stuff so that the empty groups that control things like weapon placement and salvage points and stuff will be automatically named objects in the Add menu (I’ll be merging it into master shortly), so with any luck we’ll actually have a fairly all-encompassing HW:RE Ship Builder plug-in for Blender


There’s also a re-hacked CfHODEd coming (that it took a month surprises me) - though as I am not done with the format they’re likely to play keep-up for a few updates. The Blender pipe is eventually going to be the one I prefer I think - because it’s zero cost and the most extensible. You guys are gonna make some killer tools for it and I really appreciate the effort!


[quote=“DKesserich, post:9, topic:136494”]
Umm. [I already re-wrote a Collada exporter for Blender that’ll export DAEs that HODOR can handle][1], so no need to go through using the FBX converter to convert back to DAE.[/quote]

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. :smile:

I think we are starting to get lots of community tools and tips spread across a bunch of different threads and it’s getting hard to keep track of everything.

Maybe I’ll spend some time this weekend collecting stuff together from various threads to try to come up with a “Tools and Tips” thread (or something) that we can sticky that would collect all of this information in one place. Then, as things are added or updated, people could comment on that thread and I could update the top post.


@botman @BitVenom Since you set up this thread and all could you please explain how to say edit dock paths in blender, I ported over all the hods from HWU, which is depending on how many I’m gonna use since you guys did the kushan, taiidan, etc. Got around 450 hods left but ones I’m more worried about are the production ships. Cant build an empire if your collectors wont spawn.