Getting into the game even more than after release

So I bought the game on day one and started with a zane and found him undesirable due to his scaling is poor in late game. I’m curious of the vault hunters which has the best survivability and scaling in mayhem 3. As im trying to switch mains to something less challenging than a guy whos super poor damage makes bosses a nightmare at times if rng is against him

Right now Amara is the most OP class overall and has had the fewest changes to her, but there is a big patch incoming soonish so they might do something to her then.

Moze using Bloodletter mod and Vampyr skill is almost unkillable unless one shotted and is still a good choice.

Fl4k has good health regen and his pets were recently buffed to have more health recently and has good survivability.

Zane with barrier though is very tough to kill when played properly with the barrier skill, but he is also probably the least DPS of all 3 classes right now.

Amara can delete bosses with her anointeds(300% damage boost). she can run multiple builds, but I’ve heard sheriff Amara is the best

Fl4K is good for boss killing, but they lack in survivability and mobbing. their crit tree is still their best tree. I’ve seen some people using Rakk as well though, because he has a damage boost anointed.

Moze can either do near infinite damage, or have near infinite shields, depending on her build. Mozes mech does not scale well. Moze is good for both boss killing, survivability, and mobbing.

Not really. The max is like 30% healing per second, but when getting hit by certain things, that is not enough. Also, his pets dont have survivability. 50% more health is not enough. they also dont do much damage.


Oh his pets aren’t great for DPS although there is a decent Rakk build.

His regen is certainly not a replacement for a good life or shield drain, but it is plenty for most content.

most of his healing is for his skills that increase damage at full health.

I have over 120 hours logged on PS4 Amarra. She tends to be a beast in my opinion, but I don’t have any experience with the other hunters to judge her by. Right now I have the game downloading on Epic to finally give the PC version a try and see how it performs at the moment. Going to try and go for another hunter on PC, though the draw to play Siren is still pretty strong.