Getting Irritated

let me take a deep breath here. i love this game just as much as anyone else, BUT i’m having to plow through the game not knowing if something was patched or not.

these IGNORANT NON PERSISTENT patches are just so ANNOYING. what am i supposed to do when the game says “the game has been updated would you like to return to the menu”. dude, i’m in the middle of a firefight and i PAUSED for whatever reason or another and this crap pops up about 4 times a day?!

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? oh ok, YES I WANT THE UPDATE and will LOSE my PROGRESS to apply it, but there is NO INDICATION if the change/patch happened?!?!


apparently, by your time schedule, the “new” patch has been released. i have ZERO notification if this was applied or NOT.

yet still here i am, i am SICK of having to open the game, CHANGE THE RESOLUTION to something LOWER only to have to APPLY MY REAL RESOLUTION so the game corrects itself.

how is it TWO WEEKS LATER and SIMPLISTIC issues like this not corrected from a AAA game?

i am seriously ready to refund. oh i am not the only person with these issues. there are THOUSANDS of threads, youtube videos, forum posts with so many THOUSANDS of issues reported, how is this game at LEAST not corrected the SEVERE issues?

your PR department is so busy GLOATING about stats of this game that yeah, i agree, but what do you have, ONE GUY trying to patch it all?



Woah , game is 2 weeks old man chill and give them atleast a month.Tho I get where you are coming from its been 7 years.The game is out and we can wait a little long cant we.

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I feel you…I kill Graveward. I’m sliding down the ramp and all of sudden.

“The game settings failed to save. Would you like to try again? Yes…No”


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why should i give them a month? i paid my 60 upfront with a preorder and it takes 2 weeks per patch for a AAA game which by my information still did not patch the major issues? i’m already through the game enjoying the stuttering as best i can because its an AMAZING game when you can get it to run. i am tired of the routine of loading, changing resolution, wash, rinse, repeat. it gets so tiring.


Because you’re a generous , good person that knows how mistakes happen , and can forgive a team of other good people that try with the best of their abilities to fix the game :slight_smile: Stay positive it will come


Out of curiosity, what platform are you on? Because I’m starting to suspect that what you report is platform specific.

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i’m on pc and yes, i’m over spec for the game, everything updated. an update : apparently the patch was applied and every single issue i have still persists. just…argh.

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The reason I asked is because I’m not seeing those constant reminders, but I’m on XB1. So it looks like there’s something wrong with the Epic notification system, since the hotfix (when there is one) should go straight on when the game starts up (either before or after signing you in to your platform account.)

As far as the patch itself, the notes are here:

The more serious issues are still in the works, but GBX have pushed out as much as they can that was ready to go. Should be more news over the next week or two.

you don’t have to do it. seems everytime i’m going to the title screen I get that message EveryTime. figured it was a buggy launcher either way just say no

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You don’t by any chance have the weapon called ‘The Companion’ in your inventory/equipped by any chance?

I notice I get this notification often and I think it is because sometimes this particular item goes from Legendary to epic and back frequently. So the game wants me to go back to the main menu and back into game to have it go back to Legendary from Epic. You can actually choose to ignore it and keep playing if that’s the case. I do.

It’s better to get irritated then to get irradiated.


nope do not have that weapon.

i mean, idk, the other one makes me feel tingly


We shouldn’t have to. They are dragging ass on the important updates and focusing more on nerfing ■■■■ that we are having fun with.


oh…just…is that what we are going to complain about?

It’s a fact.


and yet…I am still having fun, in fact more fun given how zane got some changes I like, so why arent you

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I didn’t say all the changes are bad now did I? But the real important changes that need to be made are obviously taking a back seat to these unimportant ones and many of the changes are not at all needed. Also not everyone play’s Zane bud.

except I play mostly moze and Zane is my coop character, and moze didnt get any changes

Cool story.

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