Getting Irritated

We shouldn’t have to. They are dragging ass on the important updates and focusing more on nerfing ■■■■ that we are having fun with.


oh…just…is that what we are going to complain about?

It’s a fact.


and yet…I am still having fun, in fact more fun given how zane got some changes I like, so why arent you

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I didn’t say all the changes are bad now did I? But the real important changes that need to be made are obviously taking a back seat to these unimportant ones and many of the changes are not at all needed. Also not everyone play’s Zane bud.

except I play mostly moze and Zane is my coop character, and moze didnt get any changes

Cool story.

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Yo performance wise this game is atrocious, so yh i feel its actually irresponsible too chill about it. Because if you do you send them the message “its ok to release games in that state” I would have happily waited another year to get a stable experience.


We all did send them messages , even multiple trust me <3.But that wont speed up anything correct? While they see and read , its not that easy to fix something that you already released without much testing.Thats why these hotfixes are raining one after another :slight_smile: Small things that they can do ASAP.Look forward for actual patches to make the difference.

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Me too, don’t make it fast make it right is also the point i was making.

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These notifications are buggy error codes, hell sometimes it happens when I’m playing offline. It’s really not that big a deal, but do you really think that there are like four updates a day?

Game balance is still important. The Porcelain Pipe Bomb wasn’t working as intended, so they fixed it. Weapon balances, including several buffs, are important to keep the loot usable and the “viable” gear pool diverse.

They are needed. Zane was considered to be by far the weakest vault hunter, starting to buff him early is a good sign. Simple number changes are easier to fix than performance issues. Just because they haven’t fixed every bug in the game after two weeks doesn’t mean they’re ignoring them for buffs/nerfs, but increasing or decreasing some numbers to adjust things that aren’t working as intended is still important.


I just need a performance patch. These hotfixes have helped some but not enough.

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Absolutely not true. The small changes can be done by a small number of people and rolled out quickly while the core team works on the larger, more challenging changes that will require more testing before release. GBX stated in the patch notes that they are still working on the larger changes and that there is more to come.

Also, new hotfix today with more buffs than nerfs…


I get the frustrations, but as I play on Xbox part than some very lite lag it plays pretty good. My frustration is losing everything in my bank after this last patch. All the lower leveling guns plus the free gun and grenade for the preorder all gone. Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes - there’s a long thread in the XB1 tech support section, another in PS4, and another in General. And it was happening before the patch. Having sampled those posts, there are probably at least a couple of different causes at work (since some lost a lot more than their bank contents). GBX are aware and working through those issues along with the performance ones.

It’s better to be pissed off than pissed on!


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Speak for yourself. :drooling_face:

I’m getting pretty sick of this too…

I only really play BL for the story and comedy… It’s a nice break from playing competitive EVERYTHING…

Pre-ordered the game… launch day… ADS frame drop is INSANE… I’m running an RTX 2080 on a brand new rig… It can crush any current games out there on ultra every single time… 2 weeks later and I still have no ADS fix. Running lower graphics settings is NOT a fix. The swapping reso didn’t work… VSYNC didn’t do anything…

So basically I see 2 patches come through with TONS of balance and bug changes… but I STILL cannot play the game I paid for 2 weeks ago without having to dance around a graphic bug and play on low or very low graphics settings (both DX11 and 12)

I’m usually not one for hopping on the “hate the devs” bandwagon… but srsly… 2 weeks of logging in only to see that my frames go from 144 to 15 while right clicking… Wish I bought it physical at a brick and mortar so I could actually return it and buy it after a year on steam for 75% off :confused:


with you on this. Right now I have to hunt down patch notes if I want to know if anything was changed. It “should” be linked ont he epic launcher but maybe thats one of the things why the epic launcher is considered a “poor-mans-steam” version?


I’m getting zero issues. Everything on high. No lag no stuttering no lag on menu. Using gtx1050ti